St Helens MTB Trails, Tasmania’s Best Coastal Bike Park

When you think of coastal towns, mountain bike trails don’t usually come to mind. At least not great ones with decent descents. But St Helens in northeast Tasmania has it all. From beautiful beaches that compare to those of northern NSW, to mountains with sensational hikes and waterfalls, to one of the best mountain biking parks in Australia… You’d be crazy to miss a chance to visit! 

Lucky enough to call St Helens home, we have tried and tested the St Helens MTB trails on multiple occasions and are constantly blown away by the versatility of the entire park. Not to mention, the fact that the runs get even better with rainfall – a huge benefit in the rainy state of Tasmania!

The St Helens mountain bike trails have been impeccably built by the amazing team, World Trail – the same company that built the iconic Blue Derby network just an hour inland. They have utilised the dry terrain to make some seriously fast descents and epic flow. But don’t take our word for it, let’s get into the trails so you can decide for yourself! 

St Helens MTB Trails Overview

Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Trail Style
Singletrack, Gravity Enduro, Cross Country

69 km

2 full days (minimum)

Total Descent
4,175 m

Entrance Fee
Free without shuttles, $15 per uplift for the gravity trails through Gravity Isle MTB Shuttles

Trail Map, toilets, drinking water, café

Recommended Gear
Gravity Trails: Full face helmet, body armour, downhill rated knee pads, long sleeve jersey, gravity pants, gloves
Cross Country Trails: Helmet, knee pads, long sleeve jersey, gravity shorts, gloves, Camelbak

Best Time To Visit
Autumn through to Spring is the best conditions.

jumping a rock gap in St Helens MTB Trails wearing women's mountain bike shorts

The extensive trail network located 10 minutes out of St Helens has been set up with all parties in mind. The trailhead is equipped with a large toilet block, a water refill station and a cafe called The Lid that serves snacks and coffee. 

But perhaps the best feature of the St Helens mountain bike park is the exhilarating jump trail that’s accessible with a short push up the hill from the trailhead. Shuka’s location creates the perfect opportunity to enjoy a good old jump session at any time of day.

From the widely accommodating trailhead, the traditional arch will lead riders to the beginner and cross country trail network that extends throughout the northern end of the park. An up-trail can lead you the entire way to the top where the gravity trails begin, but I would recommend utilising the shuttle services instead – it’s a LONG climb! 

You’ll notice some fun and interesting names for the trails at St Helens, most of which  are named after the nearby ocean among other things you’ll find in the wider St Helens community.

With a mixture of trails for all levels and riding disciplines, you can expect to find a trail for everyone in your group. And with a strong focus on flow, expect to fly down the gravity descents. Now let’s dive deeper into each individual trail…

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Hitting a rock drop on Icarus in St Helens Mountain Bike Trails, Tasmania

St Helens Gravity Trails

With the St Helens gravity trails traversing across the mountainside, weaving in and out of gullies, you can expect some super fun and naturally fast sections mixed with a healthy dose of rock drops and techy corners.

All the gravity trails can be accessed via the same shuttle drop off point – Loila Tier – or a 4×4 buggy can be taken to access the direct beginning of Mac 10 and Icarus. This is an adventure in itself and highly recommended. 

Each gravity descent offers a great amount of variety, accommodating to all riding styles. But one thing you can expect from all the trails is off camber, sharp and shaley sections so be sure to pack your knee pads and a spare tube! Every run returns to the base, some by connecting onto trails located lower in the park. 

Send Helens

3.2 km | 38 m ascent | 217 m descent | Advanced

Mat Walker and Remy Hassanin going big on Send Helens' final line of jumps

A run that could rival the famous Air Ya Garn at Blue Derby, Send Helens will leave your legs burning by the time it’s completed. The wide machine built trail is lined with countless jumps ranging in size and has been designed for intermediate to advanced riders. The jumps consist predominantly of doubles and step ups utilising the natural dip of the deep gullies. 

This 3.2 km trail will have you screaming for more as you work your way up from the b-lines to the a-lines. And while it is rated difficult, an intermediate rider can gain confidence rolling through the b-lines and tackling the few technical rock sections smattered along the trail. 

The sandy soil of Send Helens can become quite loose in dry conditions, making the exposed traverses a little more treacherous.


1.8 km | 1 m ascent | 227 m descent | Advanced

Hitting the massive log gap on Icarus in St Helens MTB Park

The team at World Trail nailed the combination of tech and flow with this epic black run. Icarus is short but by no means lacking in any other way. With a few tricky tech sections and obscure jumps, this trail is perfect to session in order to conquer all it has to offer. 

Multiple lines and tight corners flow through the densest section of forest on the hill, creating a haven from the usual exposed and shaley trails. Small rock slabs will have you baffled at which line to take while the deep gullies will have you lifting off the ground with ease. 

Icarus is the most difficult trail in the St Helens mountain bike network and while all jumps are rollable and tech sections walkable, it’s best to leave this one to the advanced or budding advanced riders.

Mac 10

1.9 km | 9 m ascent | 166 m descent | Advanced

Splitting the high and low lines on Mac 10 in St Helens Mountain Bike Park

Breaks are optional for the magic that is Mac 10. This flow trail has the perfect amount of descent and tech to keep you entertained while you fly past trees and strategically placed boulders. 

This trail is perfect for those intermediate riders looking for a challenge and for the advanced looking to pick up some serious speed. The trail builders have utilised their rocky surroundings incredibly with some very unique features thrown along the run. 

As this trail descends down the hill, the techy style switches to flow as the jumps progressively increase in size before linking onto the final descent of rock lobster.

Old Salty Dog

6.2 km | 131 m ascent | 379 m descent | Intermediate 

Sending the big step down on Old Salty Dog in a onesie while riding St Helens MTB Trails

Following the contour lines of the mountain, Old Salty Dog gradually descends in a fast and flowing manner before rounding the mountain and entering a wide open descent full of fun tech corners and features that are perfect to session.

Among the innovative natural features, you’ll find a granite boulder fashioned into a grippy wall ride followed by a gap jump. Other boulders have been situated to roll up and over – or jump onto if you’re game! 

The only downside to this trail is the climb in the middle. Switchbacks lead you high from the deep gully you’ve found yourself in before delivering you back to a final descent that links onto the end of Send Helens.

See Ya Later

4 km | 52 m ascent | 207 m descent | Intermediate

See Ya Later is our least favourite gravity trail at St Helens due to the amount of pumping and pedalling involved to keep speed for the gradual descents scattered throughout the run. The terrain is similar to Old Salty Dog with a stronger emphasis on cross country style. 

Having said that, there are still some fun sections, with off camber corners and blind rollers to excite the advanced riders. The trail links to Wedged In, where you’re met with a rock slab to finish. Be aware of this slab, it is a little awkward and can intimidate the novices of the group.


470 m | 0 m ascent | 60 m descent | Advanced

Massive Tabletop over the jumps on Shucka in St Helens MTB Trails

Shucka is your ultimate go to for a jump session. This small but packed run can be accessed towards the end of Icarus or by pushing up the fire road for an afternoon of air time. 

The poppy trail begins with sizable long and low style jumps where multiple lines offer different levels of difficulty. As you descend the short run, a quarter pipe signals a change and the final set of kickers turns to steeper lips and are shaped much more like dirt jumps. 

If you’re game, you can jump into the quarter pipe or use it as a berm to set yourself up for the final kickers. Throughout this trail, there are a and b-lines to make it accessible for a wider variety of riders. And while you could roll the entire run, it’s best to only attempt this if it’s clear of advanced riders. 

St Helens Cross Country Loops

If you’re looking to work for your descents, St Helens has you covered with some fun and adventurous trails that certainly ensure you earn your turns! 

Each of these loops can be made larger by incorporating the up trail, Garn Up. But be warned, this will produce a HUGE day of pedalling for you. Being both intermediate, these two cross country loops are an ideal option for families or budding intermediates wanting to test their skills before attacking the gravity descents. 

Rock Lobster

4.5 km | 167 m ascent | 129 m descent | Intermediate

Mountain biking through green tree ferns on my 29 inch wheel Canyon Strive

Rock Lobster is a fun and fast trail for those looking to build up a little sweat on the never ending switchbacks before enjoying a fast and flowing descent that traverses through gullies back to the trailhead. 

With no real technical features, this is the perfect trail for those wanting to progress from beginner to intermediate. 

Wedged In

4.4 km | 105 m ascent | 107 m descent | Intermediate

Riding a rock slab in the TLD open face MTB Helmet at St Helens MTB Trails

If Rock Lobster didn’t produce enough sweat, adding Wedged In surely will. Wedged In links to the end of the Rock Lobster climb, taking you higher on the ridgeline before descending through some fun and techy sections. 

Wedged In offers a raw and rocky vibe compared to Rock Lobster with a couple of gap jumps and slab features thrown in the mix. The slab section can throw some people off as it looks quite intimidating. It is best to check these out before sending the trail blind!

The Wedged In descent is also accessed by See Ya Later, which naturally finishes with this trail.

Garn Up

6 km | 264 m ascent | 120 m descent | Intermediate

Garn Up is the only dedicated up trail to access the gravity descents located at the Loila Tier shuttle drop off. The track follows the steep hillside overlooking Dreaming Pools, St Helens’ local adventure trail. It is a long and steep climb that I would only recommend if you love pedalling.

The huge climb begins on Rock Lobster, before linking onto Wedged In and finally onto the official Garn Up trail. It is an option if the shuttles aren’t running and will most certainly allow you to earn your turns!

Alternatively, you can pedal/walk up the fire trail that the buggies use which is accessed next to the whoops before veering left at the fork.

St Helens Beginner Trails

The St Helens MTB trails have been created with every riding ability in mind. Beginners that are just starting out or aiming to progress to intermediate can find plenty of trail options that test their skills. 

Each trail either links to another green or blue run, or returns to the trailhead. This offers the chance to progress to a harder trail or continue on with the confidence that you won’t be surprised with extra difficulty! 


1.8 km | 30 m ascent | 31 m descent | Beginner

Pearla is the perfect trail to brush up your skills before progressing to the wider network. With a few fun berms and log rolls to practice, Pearla is a great ride for those wanting a little more than the shorter beginner circuits at St Helens. 

A small switchback climb will lead you back to the trailhead after the fun and flowing gentle descent, or you can take on Rock Lobster which links from Pearla. 

Eagle Eye

1.2 | 10 m ascent | 11 m descent | Beginner

A trail perfect for the whole family, where small features and a couple of wide berms are introduced. This trail has no real climb involved and is an excellent warm up for those beginners wanting to improve their skills before tackling the longer trails. 


1 km | 18 m ascent | 17 m descent | Beginner 

With a generous width and minimal obstacles, Humpback is the ideal trail to learn some basic bike handling skills as the track weaves in and out of trees. You can link onto Pearla from Humpback, extending your ride and completing a longer loop. 

Swell Done

845 m | 14 m ascent | 13 m descent | Beginner

Swell done introduces beginner riders to rollers and offers the opportunity to teach newbies how to pump and keep speed. A few basic features can be tested along the route where b-lines are the natural way to go. 

Over There

280 m | 4 m ascent | 6 m descent | Beginner

This trail calls for those tiny little shredders that are aiming to gain confidence while keeping close to the trailhead. Over There is a connecting loop that links to the larger beginner network.

3.8 km | 12 m ascent | 124 m descent | Beginner

The Townlink, as the name suggests, flows from the trailhead all the way back to St Helens through the lush forests flanking the highway. 

This two way trail is a fun way to get back to town, with some gentle flow and minimal pedalling. A series of switchback descents can catch some beginners out, however, so be wary of these loose corners. 

Note: Remember to keep an eye out for riders coming in the opposite direction as this trail is multi-directional. 

St Helens Adventure Trails

St Helens shares some of the iconic adventure trails accessible from Derby, high up in the subalpine of the Blue Tier. And not only that, the coast has another epic trail that weaves and descends to refreshing waterfalls. 

Each of these trails will either take half or a full day, requiring good fitness and some bike maintenance skills. A shuttle is required to access the starting points and some may need an additional shuttle at completion to return you to the town of St Helens if that’s where you began. 

Dreaming Pools

27 km | 748 m ascent | 910 m descent | Intermediate

Hitting a gap jump while mountain biking in St Helens

Beginning at the Loila Tier drop off, Dreaming Pools is an adventure packed trail that takes you deep into the forests outside of St Helens. Lined with iron bark trees, the trail flows through a series of fast descents and gentle climbs before delivering you to the first swimming hole. 

When you reach Constable Creek, approximately 7 km into the trail, you’ll find a much welcomed natural pool to dip in and cool off. After the dip, the trail continues along the creek visiting another waterfall before a techy and fun descent takes you to the final climb.

The climb back to the St Helens trailhead is steep and arduous, but worth it for the fun flow and beautiful swimming holes along the way. Just be sure to bring extra snacks and water, and maybe consider hiring an e-bike to make the day even more enjoyable! 

Bay of Fires

42 km | 704 m ascent | 1,451 m descent | intermediate

Mountain Biker riding the start of the Bay of Fires Trail in the Blue Tier

Diversity best describes this epic adventure trail that begins high up in the subalpine before plummeting to the iconic Bay of Fires coastline. You can expect some seriously fast descents and beautiful climbs through coastal forests along the 42 km trail. 

The trail cuts through dense moss-covered forests, descending with potentially the best flow found in Derby of St Helens for the first 13 km, before beginning a steady and sometimes undulating climb among the wide open coastal lands. The final 6 km of the adventure trail weaves steeply down towards the crystal clear water of Swimcart Beach, encouraging you to let loose and shred the final berms.

This is an unforgettable bucket list adventure, but be prepared to put in a load of effort for those descents! We highly recommend getting your hands on an e-bike for this ride.

First 13km Descent

13 km | 70 m ascent | 672 m descent | Intermediate

Is pedalling not your thing? 

Then the first 13km descent of the Bay of Fires adventure trail will suit you perfectly! The shuttle companies cottoned on to the fact that the first 13 km descent is crazily addictive and many only want to ride that section of the Bay of Fires trail.

So they decided to add a shuttle just for that and some even offer it twice!! 

This ultimate descent begins tight and techy deep within the Blue Tier forest where all your focus will be set on avoiding trees. The second half opens slightly to an insanely fast flow section full of berms and rollers.

St Helens MTB Trail Shuttles

Each run in the St Helens MTB trail network can be accessed by pedal power (except the Bay of Fires and the First 13 which are located 30 minutes west of the town). However, to make your day more enjoyable there are shuttle options to gain fast access to the gravity descents. 

Gravity Isle runs frequent shuttles to the Loila Tier drop off point on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For the remaining days of the week, pre-bookings for all day shuttles for a minimum of 4 riders need to be purchased. For more information on pricing and timetables, you can visit their website. 

Recently, Gravity Isle have included 4×4 buggies to their fleet which take you directly to the beginning of Mac 10 and Icarus, eliminating the need to begin on Send Helens and climb for 10 minutes to reach these trails. 

The only other shuttle company that offers semi-regular service in the area is Vertigo MTB, who offer a full day of shuttles for groups of 6 or more. 

Both of these shuttle companies can also deliver you to the Blue Tier for the Bay of Fires and First 13km Descent adventure trails but bookings are essential. 

Vertifo MTB Shuttle drop off at the Blue Tier Trail Head

Can You Self Shuttle at St Helens MTB Trails?

Technically yes, you can self shuttle at the St Helens MTB trails. However, it is best to be equipped with a radio as the road is steep, skinny and shared with large shuttle busses and sometimes log trucks. There is no car park at the top of the Loila Tier shuttle drop off so you will need to drop the riders off and drive back down to the St Helens trailhead to park.

St Helens MTB Hire

There are three companies in St Helens that offer mountain bike hire for the nearby trails. All three offer various options for bikes, including e-bikes. While these companies are open most days during summer, we recommend booking a bike before arriving in St Helens to ensure they’re open and have one available for you. Opening hours can vary greatly depending on seasons so be sure to check the website for the latest updates.

Vertigo MTB

Vertigo MTB are located opposite the skate park and boat ramp in St Helens’ south and stock Specialized bikes. Their bike range includes:

  • Specialized Turbo Levo SL dual suspension e-bike
  • Specialized Tero hard-tail e-bike
  • Specialized Stumpjumper 29″ dual suspension bike
  • Specialized Fuse hard-tail bike

To book a bike through Vertigo, you must also book a minimum of $20 worth of shuttles.

Big4 St Helens

You can hire bikes from the Big4 caravan park in St Helens, who also offer their guests a shuttle from the caravan park to the trailhead. To get more information on their hiring and shuttle options, visit the Big4 website.

Gravity Isle

Gravity Isle are located at both the trailhead and in town at the north end of Cecilia St. They have a fleet of Norco bikes that you can hire with or without shuttles. Their bike options include:

  • Norco Sight VLT1 e-bike
  • Norco Sight A3 dual suspension bike

We hope you enjoy these trails as much as we do, and if you happen to see us shredding there be sure to give us a yell! And as always, please feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments below.

Whipping over a gap on Icarus in St Helens MTB Trails