The Best Waterfalls Near St Helens Tasmania

The vibrant northeast coast of Tasmania is home to countless adventure opportunities, from snorkelling in the Bay of Fires, to epic mountain biking at the St Helen’s mountain bike trails, to wandering deep in the rainforests searching for the best waterfalls. 

St Helens is the ultimate base for all of these activities, a beautiful coastal town with a quirky vibrant feel and arguably the best weather in Tasmania. While the weather is sunnier here on the east coast, rainfall is still frequent throughout the year. Because of this, the valleys are a luscious green and the rainforests a dense haven overflowing with waterfalls. 

We have recently made St Helens our home and are dedicated to discovering what each dirt track entails. Our search has led us to many incredible destinations so far, including some of our favourite waterfalls in Tasmania. All of these waterfalls are doable as a day trip from St Helens or the Bay of Fires and each offer a slightly different adventure. So without further ado, let’s dig into the best waterfalls near St Helens. 

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Taking a photo from the top of Halls Falls in North East Tasmania

St Columba Falls

 1.2 km return | 20 – 30 min | Grade 1 – Easy well groomed path with no stairs 

The Pyengana valley is a destination to visit in itself, with rambling farm lands dotted with grazing cows and sheep, and the tastiest little cafe providing cheese and milk straight from the source.

But just a little ways down the narrow country road is a waterfall that could knock your socks off – if it’s been raining the true Tassie way (copious amounts in a short period of time). St Columba Falls near St Helens is one of our favourite waterfalls to visit in northeast Tasmania. The cascading water stretches 90m from the top of the falls to the pools of the South George River below. 

The waterfall, albeit the main event, is not the only reason to visit the falls. The surrounding rainforest is stunning with giant trees creating a canopy for the moss and lichen to thrive. The tree ferns fall over the track as you wander deeper into the wonderland created by mother nature.

St Columba falls after heavy rain on a moody day

How To Get To St Columba Falls

The St Columba falls walk is located on the western outskirts of Pyengana, a short 35 minute drive from St Helens. Take the Tasman Highway North West out of St Helens and follow the winding landscape until your turn off at Pyengana. From there, and once you pass the Pyengana Dairy Farm, follow St Columba Falls Rd until you reach the car park. 

Note: St Columba Falls Rd is a sealed but narrow road. It is easily accessible for all vehicles but drive with caution.

Ralphs Falls

2.4 km return | 30 – 40 minutes | Grade 2 – easy trail with some rough sections

4km loop (via Cashs Gorge Lookout) | 50 – 60 minutes | Grade 3 – moderate trail with short but steep rocky sections

Perched high in the mountains, the drive to Ralphs Falls passes sprawling views of the  surrounding farm lands as it winds through the Mt Victoria Forest Reserve. The forest reserve is home to one of our favourite hikes in northeast Tasmania, Mt Victoria, and at its northern base is Ralphs Falls.

Ralphs Falls is a single drop waterfall that plummets almost 100 m into the deep gully below. After large amounts of rain, the waterfall can be quite impressive as the overflowing streams and creeks tumble over the falls. 

The walk to Ralphs Falls was our favourite part of this adventure if we’re being completely honest. While the views out to the Ringarooma farm lands and the sounds of the waterfall were beautifully peaceful, the moss inhabited trees, boulders and forest floor along the walk provided a vast green room effect which took our breath away. 

Ralph Falls birds eye view, the largest single tier waterfall in Tasmania

How To Get To Ralphs Falls

The Ralphs falls walk is located approximately an hour west of St Helens and the fastest route leads you out through Pyengana once again. Just before you reach St Columba Falls, turn right onto Forest Lodge Rd (marked by an old sign directing you to Ralphs Falls). From this point, the route is unsealed, steep and rough – only recommended for 4WD’s. Continue following this road before turning left onto Mt Victoria Rd.

If you don’t have a 4WD, we recommend accessing Ralphs Falls via Ringarooma. The unsealed roads are well-maintained along this route and access is suitable for all vehicles. Google maps gets rather confused on this route, but if you search for Mt Victoria Rd via Ringarooma you’ll be on the right track.

Directions for Ralphs Falls via Ringarooma:

  • Follow the Tasman Highway West from St Helens through Derby and Branxholm.
  • Turn left onto Ringarooma Rd and follow south to Ringarooma.
  • Follow New River Rd south west out of Ringarooma for approx 5 mins.
  • Turn right onto Mt Victoria Rd and follow until you reach Ralphs Falls.

Halls Falls Tasmania

2.4 km return | 40 – 60 minutes | Grade 3 – some short but steep rocky sections

Halls Falls is perhaps the easiest waterfall in this list to access, being located just off the Tasman Highway. This makes it the perfect side trip on your way to St Helens and the perfect addition to a trip to Pyengana and St Columba Falls. 

A simple path meanders through eucalypt and myrtle tree forests, overgrown with ferns of all kinds and a very vocal wildlife living among the trees. The path offers three points of interest where it forks close to the falls – a viewing point overlooking the multiple tiered waterfall below, a historic 19th century weir with rock pools surrounding, and the third path leads beneath the biggest drop of Halls Falls. 

All options are worth a visit to gain unique perspectives of the beautiful landscape. Rock hopping at the base of Halls Falls is our favourite option, where you can get close and personal with the tumbling water – you may want to bring a rain jacket in winter!

Standing below the double tiered waterfall know as Halls Falls near St Helens Tasmania

How To Get To Halls Falls

Halls Falls is an easily accessible waterfall located just 20 minutes west of St Helens. To reach the Halls Falls walk, follow the Tasman Highway towards Pyengana. Before you reach the turn off to Pyengana, a right turn will lead you onto a short dirt road that delivers you to the trailhead. The turnoff is marked with a tourist sign indicating Halls Falls.

Mathinna Falls

1.1 km return (to the base of the waterfall) | 20 – 30 minutes | Grade 3 – some rocky and uneven sections

Mathinna Falls is hands down the best waterfall near St Helens. A four tiered falls, cascading over 100 m in total and hidden deep within the clutches of the ancient rainforest. The path follows Delvin Creek as it traverses along the steep embankment, ducking and weaving throughout the moist vegetation.

Even before the base of the falls can be seen, the sound encompasses the gully. And once it’s reached, the forest opens just enough to let it thunder into the creek below. A sketchy goat track off to the right can be followed to reach the second and third tier. 

With each tier just as epic as the last, the scramble is completely worth it for the view above the bottom of Mathinna Falls. We had no idea these falls extended beyond the base and were pleasantly surprised when we popped out from the goat track. 

We are yet to attempt to reach the top tier but when we do, you’ll be the first to know! Have you made it to the top? We’d love to hear about your adventure in the comments below.

Mathinna Falls, 3 tiers of epic waterfalls near St Helens Tasmania

How To Get To Mathinna Falls

The Mathinna Falls walk is extremely close to Evercreech Falls and is best visited on the same day. Following the same directions from St Helens, Mathinna Falls is located only a 30 minute drive west of Evercreech Falls. Follow Egans Rd until you reach the turn off to Claytons Rd. Follow this dirt road for a little while until you reach Mathinna Falls Rd, then drive until you meet your destination.

Evercreech Falls

2.3 km loop | 40 – 50 minutes | Grade 3 – some steep sections and an optional river crossing

An enchanted world of fungi and fallen trees engulfed in moss and lichen awaits just over the bridge from the Evercreech Falls Picnic Area. The walk to the falls feels as if you’ve entered another world as the path meanders through ancient tree ferns along the water’s edge. 

Evercreech Falls isn’t quite as exciting as the rest on this list, but the walk makes up for the mediocre waterfall. The loop takes you across the river and up a dirt road, which is not nearly as exciting as the western side of the river. The crossing is quite deep after rain and where there was once a bridge, only a dodgy rope remains. I suggest returning the way you came and enjoy more of the water’s edge – the perfect swimming spot in the height of summer.

The Evercreech Falls Picnic Area is a beautiful place to camp, with an a-frame shelter fixed with a fireplace and wide open grassy sections right by the river to sleep. It is the perfect place to call home as you explore Mathinna Falls, Evercreech Falls and the walk among the giant white gum trees on the eastern side of the river.

How To Get To Evercreech Falls

Evercreech Falls is located approximately 45 minutes west of St Helens and is a rather nice drive through the beautiful white gum forest to reach it. The most direct route is to take Argonaut Rd west out of St Helens (Argonaut Rd turns into Mt Albert Rd) and follow it until a left turn takes you onto Evercreech Rd. Follow Evercreech Rd South until you meet Egans Rd in which you will want to turn left and follow Egans Rd to Evercreech Falls Picnic Area.

Google Maps will try and take you down the road before Evercreech Rd, which is completely ok to drive, though we have encountered fallen trees and road closures several times on that route. 

Note: These roads are all unsealed but are kept in good condition. However, you are venturing deep into northeast Tasmania’s beautiful forests and these roads are susceptible to fallen trees. We recommend avoiding taking a drive out here if the winds are high.

An alternate route is to take the Highway south from St Helens and commute through Fingal and up to Mathinna. This mostly encompasses sealed roads but is double the distance of the above directions.

Each of these East Coast Tasmanian Waterfalls are well signposted and easily navigated. Halls Falls and St Columba Falls are close enough to be included into a single day trip, with lunch at the Pyengana Dairy of course! Evercreech Falls and Mathinna Falls are another great pair with a night spent at the Evercreech Falls Picnic Area. 

Is there another waterfall near St Helens that we have missed? Please let us know in the comments below so we can add it to the list! 

Happy Waterfall Hunting.

The beautiful forest walk to Ralph Falls in Mt Victoria Forest Reserve near St Helens