Beautiful sunset from Mt Olliver overlooking Mt Cook

We are Candace and Dylan and we inspire, educate and enlighten fellow adventurers on a more sustainable approach to travel

Singularly, we are a photographer and travel writer and collectively, bloggers and content creators with a strong focus on sustainable travel and adventure. Tracks Less Travelled is a community where fellow adventurers can come to learn about the best outdoor gear, get inspired by new destinations and trails, and understand the importance of sustainability in everything they do.

Whether you wish to promote the value of your brand, the beauty of your destination or the thrill of your adventure, we can provide inspirational and entertaining content in both visual and written form. Our success lies in our ability to truly capture the feeling of a place and our dedication to understanding our clients and audience’s needs.

Contact us today if you’re searching for high-quality imagery, detailed product reviews, or blog posts – or if you have a collaboration you believe we would be interested in.

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Photography & Videography

We have a unique vision for photography and videography that grips our audience. We can bring your brand or destination to life through high-quality and creative visual storytelling.

Content Writing

We love to bring our readers along on our adventures through creative and clever writing. If you're looking for product reviews, sponsored posts, or copywriting we can provide beautifully written content for you.

Social Media Promotion

Our audience is engaged and loyal, often asking our advice and taking our suggestions. We can promote your brand, destination, or tour through our socials, subscribers, and website.

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