We are so glad you’re here and want to know more about us! We are Candace and Dylan, an Outdoor Guide and Electrician by trade, wanderers and adventurers by heart. Our love for travel and our aversion to the 9 – 5 fueled the seed that was Tracks Less Travelled.

What began as a passing thought after one too many beers, soon turned into a new direction and the uncovering of our new passions – writing and photography.

I had written personal journals intermittently throughout my life, yet never thought it would become my dream career. And Dylan, well, he had never picked up a DSLR camera before the winter of 2020.

It’s funny where life can lead you when you let it flow freely.

Candace Climbing a steep rock slab on The Castle Hike in the Budawangs
smashing a corner in Glenrock while mountain biking in Newcastle

After the initial seed was planted, there was no stopping us. Well, no stopping Dylan. Once he has a plan in mind, it’s full steam ahead. I, on the other hand, was much more cautious. Many doubts entered my head – What if we failed? What if we didn’t actually like living in a van? What if we couldn’t make any money? What if… 

The list was endless, but with a little push from Dylan, we quit our jobs and started travelling in our converted Volkswagen Crafter named Percy. We documented our travels, wrote about our experiences living the Vanlife and planned to continue along this road in Canada.

And then COVID happened…

While our plans were turned upside down, the pandemic actually gave us the time to carefully curate Tracks Less Travelled into what it has become today. It gave us the time to create a new direction, better suited to our goal.

It gave us the time to explore our state slowly, finding an appetite for hiking and photography. (Our first camera was a gift from Dylan to me for my 30th birthday – little did he know he would become the photographer!) And allowed us to concentrate on mountain biking, finding new trails and learning how to photograph this ridiculously fast-paced sport.

Once we realised Canada would have to wait, we made the move to the only state within Australia that could satiate our adventurous souls, Tasmania. And here we are now, exploring each mountain range thoroughly by foot or by bike.

Follow Your Dreams,You May Be Surprised Where They Lead

Why Did We Start Tracks Less Travelled?

While the structure and focus of our blog has changed over its short life, the goal and reason behind Tracks Less Travelled hasn’t wavered. 

Our mission is to create content that will inspire and encourage all walks of life to step outside and embark on their own adventures. There is something so wholesome and humbling about nature, and we believe everybody should experience it. 

Throughout this platform, we hope to educate and guide budding adventurers in ethical and environmentally friendly ways of travel. Whether that be by foot, bike, van, or plane, we can all do our part to explore better and save our planet.

We know we can’t save the world, but hopefully sharing our small part and encouraging you to see the beauty in nature and why it’s worth saving can help in the movement to a more sustainable future.

Our lives looked a whole lot different five years ago, all it took was a chance and a leap into the unknown. We find great joy in writing and photography and hope you enjoy the content we create and get a little something out of it for yourself.

Where To Now?

We can assure you, the story of Tracks Less Travelled has only just begun.

There are grand plans brewing for the future of our blog and our brand. Watch this space! 

But for now, while our travel is on hold, we are dedicated to exploring every inch of Tasmania
to bring to you the best of this wonderful state. We will continue to provide content that will
inspire, teach and motivate.

If you have any questions for us, or would just like a good old yarn,
don’t hesitate to get into contact with us via one of our socials. We would love to hear from you.

Don't Just Travel The World,Experience It.

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We love to work with like-minded brands that are environmentally conscious and as sucked in by adventure as we are. If you would like to learn more, visit our Work With Us page or send us an email on contact@trackslesstravelled.com.

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