Exploring Freycinet National Park | The Perfect 2 – 3 Day Itinerary

Freycinet National Park is a quintessential destination in Tasmania that perfectly showcases the many wonders that can be found in our favourite state of Australia. But what truly cements the Freycinet Peninsula as one of our top places to visit is its easily accessible nature, mouthwatering seafood and breathtaking turquoise beaches – all packed into one convenient package.

Located approximately 2 hours from both Hobart and Launceston, Freycinet National Park is the perfect destination for a weekend in Tasmania. You can happily fill your days exploring Wineglass Bay and the endless secluded bays or taking on the many hikes scattered throughout the peninsula.

During our 3 years of living in Tasmania, we have spent loads of time in Freycinet National Park. From our experiences, we have curated the best 2 – 3 day Freycinet Itinerary so that you can spend more time enjoying the laid-back island life and less time worrying about planning your days.

Included in this 2 – 3 day Freycinet National Park itinerary, we’ll cover other essential information such as where to stay, the best places to eat and other handy tips for your trip to the Freycinet Peninsula.

Looking out over Wineglass Bay from Wineglass Bay Lookout in Freycinet National Park

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Essential Information For Your Visit To Freycinet National Park

How To Get To Freycinet National Park

Found on the east coast of Tasmania, Freycinet National Park sprawls out across the majority of the Freycinet Peninsula. While there are public transport options that connect Coles Bay – the main town on the peninsula – to Launceston and Hobart, there are no buses to transport you around Freycinet National Park once you arrive.

The best way to explore Freycinet National Park is by self-driving. If you came over to Tasmania via the Spirit of Tasmania ferry, you’ll be all set. But if you require a hire car, we’ve got some handy suggestions for you next.

Hiring A Vehicle

Our top suggestion for hiring a vehicle in Tasmania is to rent a campervan. You’ll find plenty of cheap or free campsites on Tasmania’s east coast that offer incredible views from their beachside locations.

However, we know that the van life is not for everyone. If you’d rather book a rental car, we recommend checking out Discover Cars for the best deals and a seamless experience.

Tour Options For Freycinet National Park

Guided tour leaving Honeymoon Bay by boat in Freycinet National Park

Personally, we believe that the best way to experience Freycinet National Park is on a self-guided trip. While there are several day tour options that include visiting the Freycinet Peninsula, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any that will take you to the lesser-known destinations that we’ll include in our Freycinet Itinerary.

However, we completely understand that sometimes it’s easier to leave the planning to someone else. So here are our top recommended tour options for Freycinet National Park that range in duration.

Where To Stay On The Freycinet Peninsula

Beautiful seaside accommodation at the Freycinet Lodge in Freycinet National Park
Freycinet Lodge, Image credit from Booking.com

The main town on the peninsula is Coles Bay, a quaint coastal village that provides the perfect base as you explore the walks and beaches nearby. 

If you’re looking for accommodation, we recommend staying in town. However, if you prefer camping, there are several free options available a little further out. Although it may require an extra drive, it’s definitely worth it!

Here is a list of our top recommended places to stay in Coles Bay based on budget:

  • BIG4 Iluka On Freycinet – The holiday park is ideally situated next to town and provides budget-friendly options for couples and families.
  • Freycinet Hideaway – This is an affordable 4-bedroom house that is perfect for a group of friends or a family.
  • Numie Glamping – A mid-range accommodation option that allows you to get close to nature without sacrificing any creature comforts.
  • Freycinet Lodge – This lodge is located close to the walking trails and includes a buffet breakfast. You can choose between luxury and mid to high-range accommodation options.

Check out our helpful guide on the best accommodations options in Coles Bay for more information on the various areas and other suggestions.

Camping At Freycinet National Park

Campervan caamping at Richardsons Beach Campsite in Freycinet National Park
Richardsons Beach Campsite

Our favourite place to camp when we visit the Freycinet Peninsula is Friendly Beaches. It’s a free campsite just 20 minutes north of Coles Bay that offers sensational vistas of The Hazards mountain range.

With that said, the most central campground – that arguably boasts the best views – is Richardsons Beach Campground, or more commonly known as the Freycinet National Park Campground. This is a paid campground and costs $13 per couple, per night but the location is as close as you’ll get to Wineglass Bay.

For more options and information on camping, read our guide to camping in Freycinet National Park next.

Best Places To Eat On The Freycinet Peninsula

Enjoying an afternoon drink while watching the sunset from the Freycinet Lodge
Hazards Bar & Kitchen at Freycinet Lodge

Even though Coles Bay and the greater Freycinet Peninsula are small with few year-round local residents, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the quality of food you’ll find at the restaurants and cafes.

There aren’t loads of options – but for us – and I’m sure many relate – this is a good thing as we struggle with decision-making when we’re offered too many choices!

Here is a quick list of our favourite places to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner:

  • Breakfast – The best place for breakfast is easily Granite Freycinet. They have delicious coffee and plenty of variety on their menu – plus you’ll find some quick options to takeaway if you’re short on time.
  • Lunch – If you’re a fan of seafood, you must check out the Freycinet Marine Farm. They provide the second-best oysters in Tasmania (the best are found in St Helens) and make a sensational bowl of mussels.
  • Dinner – Our favourite place for dinner is the Geographe Restaurant in town. This place is famous for its delectable pizzas. But if you’re not fussed about pizza, there are loads of seafood and share-plate options.
A seal sitting on the shore of Wineglass Bay in Freycinet National Park
Seal chilling on the shore of Wineglass Bay

Quick Tips For Your 2 – 3 Days In Freycinet National Park

  • Pick up some groceries in Hobart or Launceston before departing for Freycinet National Park – there is a small IGA supermarket in Coles Bay, but it is more expensive with limited stock.
  • While summer offers longer daylight hours, we recommend visiting in the shoulder seasons for the best deals on accommodation – May is our favourite time to visit Freycinet National Park.
  • Start the day early – we often find that the trails start filling up from 9 am.
  • You will need to purchase a Tasmania Parks Pass to visit Freycinet National Park – for the best deal, choose the 2-month holiday pass which allows entry into all the national parks in Tasmania.
  • Pack insect repellant – the mosquitos are vicious down at Wineglass Bay and most other beaches along the peninsula.

Your Ultimate 2 – 3 Day Freycinet Itinerary, Curated By Tasmanian Locals

Now for the fun part – how to fill your days once you arrive on the breathtakingly beautiful Freycinet Peninsula! We have carefully crafted this 2-3 day Freycinet itinerary to include our top activities, arranged in a way that ensures you experience them at the optimal times of day.

If you have just two days available in Freycinet National Park, you can either choose the activities that appeal to you most or split one day’s adventures and incorporate them into your travel days.

Sleepy Bay in Freycinet National Park

Day 1: Sea Kayak Around The Freycinet Coastline & Visit Wineglass Bay

After enjoying a semi-lazy morning, head down to Muirs Beach to meet the crew from Freycinet Adventures who will take you kayaking. They’ll show you the ropes before guiding you around the colossal pink-hued granite peaks that dominate the Freycinet Peninsula.

Once you’ve returned to shore, take a drive to the Wineglass Bay Car Park – stopping along the way to grab some lunch in Coles Bay – to start the Wineglass Bay Lookout Walk. To top off a perfect first day, we recommend having a glass of wine and some snacks at the Hazards Bar & Lounge at the Freycinet Lodge – ideally staying until sunset.

The Freycinet Paddle Kayak Tour

Sea Kayaking in Freycinet Peninsula during sunset

The Freycinet Paddle Kayak Tour offers a unique perspective of the majestic mountain range named ‘The Hazards’. As you paddle alongside secluded beaches and pristine bays, you might even catch glimpses of stingrays and dolphins beneath the crystal-clear turquoise water. Keep an eye out for adorable fur seals on the shore and sea eagles soaring above.

No previous sea kayaking experience is required and the team will teach you everything you need to know for the 3-hour tour. The tour costs $135 AUD per person and includes all necessary equipment, including a warm jacket.

During the summer season, there are 2-3 sessions per day, depending on demand. In the winter season, there is just one session. The start times vary throughout the year to accommodate for the changing daylight hours. But typically, there will be a morning and afternoon session during summer, with a midday session at the busiest times. In winter, there is one session which generally starts at 10 am.

We have recommended the morning session (which usually begins at 8:30 am or 9 am) because the wind usually picks up on the East Coast in the afternoons, making the journey less enjoyable.

Alternative: Rent A Stand-Up Paddle Board Or Sit-On-Top Kayak

Kayaking around Freycinet Peninsula on a self-guided tour of Tasmania's most popular destination

If you’d rather explore the coastline at your own pace, then a great alternative to the kayaking tour is to rent a sit-on-top kayak or stand-up paddle board and make your own way around the calm bay. You can rent SUPs and sit-on-top kayaks from Freycinet Paddle Boards.

Freycinet Paddle Boards offers full-day and half-day hires and will deliver to your accommodation or the beach of your choice. Below is a current price list as of February 2024.

  • Kayak half-day hire (4 hours): $45 per kayak
  • Kayak full-day hire (8 hours): $60 per kayak
  • SUP half-day hire (4 hours): $40 per board
  • SUP full-day hire (8 hours): $60 per board

Wineglass Bay Lookout Walk 

Walking to Wineglass Bay Lookout, during a weekend exploring Freycinet

Even though the Wineglass Bay Lookout Walk is undeniably the top attraction in Freycinet National Park, we would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t recommend a visit.

At the lookout, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of Wineglass Bay – second best only to the summit of Mount Amos. If you’re up to it, you can walk down the 1,000 steps to the powdery white sand and take a refreshing swim in the impossibly blue water.

The 2.9 km Wineglass Bay Lookout Loop takes roughly 1 – 2 hours to complete and is easily doable for most travellers. To add on the walk to the bay, you can expect to take an extra 1 – 1.5 hours for the additional 3 km.

Day 2: Summit Mount Amos & Indulge In Delicious Wine At Devils Corner

Get ready for an action-packed day, beginning with one of our favourite day hikes in Tasmania before rewarding yourself with a wine tasting at the Devils Corner Winery

We recommend beginning early to avoid the majority of the crowds that frequent the Mt Amos Summit track, which will also allow you time for a refreshing swim at Honeymoon Bay before setting off for Devils Corner Winery.

There is a bit of driving involved today, but we think it’s worthwhile to taste the wines and watch the sunset over the Freycinet Peninsula from Devils Corner Winery.

Mount Amos Summit Hike

Standing on the summit of Mt Amos on a clear sunny day in Freycinet National Park

The Mount Amos Hike is not for the faint of heart, but if you’re not afraid of exposed rock slabs and rock scrambling, then this is the hike for you!

Mount Amos is a 4 km return hike that begins at the Wineglass Bay Car Park. You’ll begin with a gradual ascent through an open eucalypt forest before emerging onto the infamous pink granite boulders. From here, an almighty rock scramble awaits and will require all hands on deck as you climb to the rocky summit above. The granite rock is surprisingly grippy and if you have a good pair of hiking shoes and balance, you’ll have no trouble reaching the peak.

Climbing up the steep rock slabs on Mt Amos during sunrise
Climbing up Mt Amos during sunrise

Once you clear the final boulder separating you from the summit, you’re afforded breathtaking views of Wineglass Bay and the narrow isthmus that leads to Mount Freycinet and Mount Graham in the distance. To complete the 360-degree panoramic views, you’re also gifted vistas over Coles Bay and the entire Freycinet Peninsula to the north.

The descent is a little trickier than the climb, but as we mentioned earlier, the rocks are surprisingly grippy. If all else fails, it’s not uncommon for walkers to crouch down and slide down using their feet and hands. The Mount Amos Hike takes roughly 2.5 – 4 hours to complete, depending on your fitness and scrambling skills.

Alternative: Wineglass Bay & Hazards Beach Circuit

Secluded beach located right next to Hazards Beach in Wineglass Bay, perfect for a private swim in Freycinet National Park

If the hike to Mount Amos sounds a little too hectic for you, then we have the perfect alternative. The Wineglass Bay & Hazards Beach Circuit is our second favourite day walk in Freycinet National Park and allows you to experience the beauty of both beaches up close.

Most will tell you to do the walk in a clockwise direction, but we believe that it’s best to walk in an anticlockwise direction. This way, you’ll start by weaving through the coastal woodland at the base of Mt Mayson, visiting the many secluded coves along the way, before stepping onto the coarse yellow sand of Hazards Beach.

After a short walk along the beach, you’ll cross the isthmus and land on the powdery white sand of Wineglass Bay. This is the perfect place for a swim before tackling the 1,000 steps that will lead you to the Wineglass Bay Lookout Loop, which will take you back to the car park.

The Wineglass Bay & Hazards Beach Circuit is 11.6 km long and takes roughly 3 – 5 hours to complete. Aside from needing a moderate level of fitness, there are no surprises along the circuit that require any serious skill.

Devils Corner Winery

Devil's Corner Tasmania, a perfect celebration after a great weekend in Freycinet National Park
Celebrating a great weekend in Freycinet National Park with a glass of wine at Devil's Corner Cellar Door

After a big day of hiking, it’s time to reward yourself with a wine-tasting at Devils Corner Winery. This is arguably one of the most famous wineries in Tasmania and no East Coast Tasmania road trip is complete without a visit.

Devils Corner Winery is a 30-minute drive northwest of Freycinet National Park. The cellar door boasts incredible views over Mountain Lagoon and Oyster Bay, with The Hazards painting the perfect backdrop.

You have three tasting options to choose from, with prices ranging from $20 to $35 per person. Along with wine tastings, there is a large courtyard where you can choose between mouthwatering woodfire pizza or fresh local seafood to enjoy on the picturesque deck. Our personal favourite is the pizzas, which pair perfectly with the pinot noir or rose.

Day 3: Visit Tourville Lighthouse For Sunrise & Learn How To Shuck Your Own Oysters

Cape Tourville Lighthouse from Mt Amos on a misty day

For your final day in Freycinet National Park, wake up at the crack of dawn to enjoy a magical sunrise at the Cape Tourville Lighthouse. Afterwards, learn how to shuck oysters with Oyster Bay Tours before enjoying fresh oysters and cooked mussels with a glass of local riesling.

The afternoon calls for much-deserved relaxation. Take a slow walk along Muirs or Richardsons Beach or set up in a secluded corner of the coast with a book. If this level of relaxation sounds positively boring, you can rent some snorkelling gear from Freycinet Paddle Boards and explore the wonders beneath the translucent water.

Cape Tourville Lighthouse

Moments after sunrise at Cape Tourville Lighthouse in Freycinet National Park

Take a 10-minute drive over to the east coast of Freycinet Peninsula to watch the sunrise illuminate the granite peaks of Mt Graham and Mt Freycinet. Cape Tourville Lighthouse is a short 600 m return walk and offers an easy sunrise location that doesn’t require you to wake at an ungodly hour of the morning.

After the sun rises, take a moment to carefully scan the coastline for any signs of migrating whales (if you’re visiting between April and November). Also, keep an eye out for seals sunbathing on ‘The Nugget‘, a group of offshore rocks. We highly recommend bringing a pair of binoculars to get a closer look at the seals and to spot dolphins.

Oyster Bay Tour

The worlds best oysters are located here at the Freycinet National Park Marine Farm
Eating the delicious oysters among other seafood at the Freycinet National Park Marine Farm

For your final activity on your Freycinet itinerary, it’s time to step into some waders and immerse yourself in an oyster-shucking experience with the professionals at Oyster Bay Tours. At the Freycinet Marine Farm, you’ll learn about oyster cultivation, savour freshly shucked oysters, and indulge in a delicious lunch of mussels, oysters, and wine.

The Oyster Farm Taste Experience is run by a very small family business (just a husband and wife duo) who don’t own the Freycinet Marine Farm, but rather run this experience for the owners. Therefore, the prices are a little higher – from $150 per person – and the operating hours vary.

For current tour times and dates, check out their booking calendar.

Final Thoughts

Now that is an action-packed and exciting 2-3 day Freycinet Itinerary if we do say so ourselves! After visiting Freycinet National Park multiple times and walking almost every hiking trail and enjoying most of the activities available on the peninsula, these are the things that we highly recommend you do not miss.

If you’d like further assistance or advice for your trip to Freycinet National Park, please feel free to drop a comment below or reach out to us via Instagram.

Happy Adventuring 🙂