13 Best Beaches On The East Coast Of Tasmania

When you think of Tasmania, rugged mountains with quaint towns tucked into the foothills come to mind. And while you are entirely correct in that imagery, you will also find sleepy coastal towns bordering some of the best beaches in Australia.

You read correctly, it’s not only the shores of New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland that boast the best beaches, down here in Tasmania, you’ll find coastlines that rival the most well-known – but without the overwhelming crowds!

While the west coast of Tasmania will offer wild and unkept coastlines that are fascinating to explore, the east coast is calm and tranquil with alluring azure blue water that you will be compelled to swim in.

But how do you find the best beaches on the east coast of Tasmania when there are so many hidden pockets to discover? That’s what we’re here for. We’ve been living on the east coast for over two years and have made it our mission to search for the best beaches on the east coast of Tasmania, which we will share with you now.

Standing on the beach with beautiful Turquoise water in the Bay of Fires

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13 Best Beaches In East Coast Tasmania

For your convenience, we’ve listed the best beaches on the east coast of Tasmania from north to south. Enjoy 🙂

1. Eddystone Point

Eddystone Point in Ansons Bay, a great beach on the East Coast of Tasmania

Eddystone Point marks the northernmost point of the famous Bay of Fires and offers a wealth of white-sanded beaches to explore. But our absolute favourite beach at Eddystone Point is a small unnamed cove just south of the lighthouse. 

You’ll most likely have this beach to yourself, where you can wander the red rocks or snorkel along the point. Plus, the southeast-facing beach can sometimes produce an epic fun-size wave that peels off Eddystone Point.

A single unsealed road will deliver you to Eddystone Point, which can be accessed from St Helens or Bridport. There are toilet facilities near the lighthouse and a free campsite just west of the point.

Location: Eddystone Point
Toilets: Yes
Phone Reception: No
Walking Distance To Shops: No

2. The Gardens

Pristine water at Suicide beach on the East Coast of Tasmania

Located at the end of Gardens Road, The Gardens is a breathtaking point where verdant farmlands roll into the azure blue ocean. It’s certainly worth the short 15-minute drive north of Binalong Bay. Within the small locality, you’ll find an array of sandy coves covered in bright orange boulders and bone-white sand.

The Gardens is the perfect place to snorkel, especially at Fancy Reef which provides a long white stretch of sand to set up on. But if you’d rather float in a rock pool, the best spots can be found at Suicide Beach.

You can access The Gardens from Binalong Bay, where you’ll jump onto Gardens Road and follow the Bay of Fires coastline until the sealed road ends. Unfortunately, there are no toilets located at this beach, with the closest being at Cosy Corner North.

*The Gardens offers some beautiful accommodation options which you can find out more about in our post – The Best Places To Stay In The Bay Of Fires.

Location: The Gardens
Toilets: No
Phone Reception: Telstra only – patchy
Walking Distance To Shops: No

3. Cosy Corner North

Crystal Clear Waters found on the Bay of Fires Coastline

Flowing from our favourite free campsite in the Bay of Fires, Cosy Corner North is one of the best beaches on the east coast of Tasmania for a number of reasons. The first being the close proximity to a free campsite, the second reason is the magical rock pools and orange boulders you can explore, and the third is the fact you can sometimes find an epic wave to surf all by yourself.

Along with surfing, the snorkelling at Cosy Corner North is outstanding and there are plenty of little coves to shelter from the wind. Or if soaking up the sun rays on the beach is you’re ideal relaxation method, the long stretch of fine white sand will allow you to have plenty of space.

Cosy Corner North is just 10 minutes north of Binalong Bay along Gardens Road and provides a great base while you explore the rest of the Bay of Fires. You’ll find toilet facilities at the campsite and patchy reception.

Location: Cosy Corner North
Toilets: Yes
Phone Reception: Telstra Only – patchy
Walking Distance To Shops: No

4. Swimcart Beach

Sunset over Swimcart Beach in The Bay Of Fires Tasmania

Another stunning beach along the Bay of Fires coastline, Swimcart Beach boasts a long stretch of sparkling white sand that’s perfect for a sunset walk. It’s probably the busiest beach in the Bay of Fires but that’s due to the fact you can camp for free right alongside the sand.

In addition to offering a beautiful walk where you can explore the orange rocks at either end, this is also an excellent beach for surfing when the conditions are favourable. But at the very least, body surfing is a big hit in the rolling waves.

Location: Swimcart Beach
Toilets: Yes
Phone Reception: Telstra Only – patchy
Walking Distance To Shops: No

5. Shelly Point

Surfing perfect waves at Shelly Beach on the best beach on the east coast of Tasmania

While far from original, Shelly Point does live up to its name and along the two beaches fanning from the point, you’ll find millions of shells of all shapes and designs. There are many reasons to love Shelly Point, but the epic surf is what keeps us coming back time and time again.

Shelly Point is arguably the best surf beach on the east coast of Tasmania and offers two breaks peeling off the point on either side. It’s the perfect place to spend the day, wandering the shell-lined beach and soaking up the stunning views of St Patricks Head in the south.

But the best part is, Shelly Point is located just south of Surfside, where you’ll find the best burgers on the northeast coast. There are also toilet facilities on the point and access to an IGA and petrol station nearby.

Location: Shelly Point
Toilets: Yes
Phone Reception: Yes
Walking Distance To Shops: No

6. Steels Beach

Kids Playground at Steels Beach in Scamander, perfect East Coast Tasmania Beach for families

Located across the road from Swims East Coast Coffee and the Scamander Beach Resort, Steels Beach sits just south of the river mouth. Along with having a fun beach break to surf, Steels Beach is the perfect spot to spend the day – especially for families. 

Being located in the centre of Scamander, Steels Beach is right beside a playground, public toilets and a skate park. And if you’re interested in long walks on the beach, the stretch of sand extends all the way to Falmouth roughly 5 km south.

Steels Beach in Scamander is 20 minutes south of St Helens, the largest town on the northeast coast, and is close to many facilities and activities – including the St Helens Mountain Bike Trails.

Location: Steels Beach
Toilets: Yes
Phone Reception: Yes
Walking Distance To Shops: Yes

7. Four Mile Creek Beach

Four Mile Creek Beach on the East Coast of Tasmania

One of the best coastal drives – or perhaps even the best – in Tasmania is from Falmouth to Bicheno, where you wind between the ocean and rolling farmlands. And as you reach Four Mile Creek, the road dips down to within metres of the the stunning beach.

Four Mile Creek Beach is a long stretch of arching sand with multiple entries and a small village tucked into the southern end. With such easy access right off the side of the highway, this is the best place to stop on your road trip from St Helens to Bicheno for a little water time.

And if you’re lucky, you might score some epic waves off the northern point where the Four Mile Creek Scenic Lookout car park is found.

Location: Four Mile Creek Beach
Toilets: No
Phone Reception: No
Walking Distance To Shops: No

8. Redbill Beach

Turquoise waters in Bicheno at Redbill Beach, one of the best beaches on the East Coast of Tasmania

Perhaps one of the most popular beaches on this list, Redbill Beach is located in the beautiful coastal town of Bicheno and is often crowded – but for good reason.

Redbill Beach stretches out to the south of Cod Rock, which can sometimes be accessed when the tide is low. The beach is often gifted with clean waves that are perfect for beginners and the rocks to the south offer little rock pools to explore.

But the best part of Redbill Beach is the chance to spot penguins once the sun goes down! There are a few tour options that you can join for penguin watching in Bicheno, however, you can also walk down to the beach and try your luck at spotting a few of the cute little guys.

Location: Redbill Beach
Toilets: No
Phone Reception: Yes
Walking Distance To Shops: Yes

9. Friendly Beaches

Beautiful Dramatic sunset over Friendly Beaches campsite while camping at Freycinet National Park

If there is one beach on the east coast of Tasmania that we have to call our favourite, it would be Friendly Beaches. With views of the magnificent Hazards mountain range on the Freycinet Peninsula, Friendly Beaches offers both stunning scenery and fun adventures

The coastline is littered with orange lichen boulders and deep rock pools teeming with life. You could spend hours exploring Friendly Beaches from onshore and beneath the clear blue water.

Situated on the point of Friendly Beaches, you’ll find our favourite free campsite in Freycinet National Park that’s located just 15 minutes north of the peninsula – the only catch is you need a Tasmania Parks Pass. We often stay here when we’re visiting the Freycinet as it’s often quieter than Coles Bay and Honeymoon Bay.

Location: Friendly Beaches
Toilets: Yes
Phone Reception: No
Walking Distance To Shops: No

10. Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay at sunrise from the summit of Mt Freycinet
Sunrise from the summit of Mt Freycinet overlooking the magnificent Wineglass Bay

Arguably the most famous beach in Tasmania, Wineglass Bay is 100% worth the hype it receives and should not be missed. Even though I can guarantee you’ve seen photos of the iconic bay located in the Freycinet National Park, it takes walking along the strikingly white sand to fully experience Wineglass Bay.

Accessed only by foot, Wineglass Bay takes approximately 2 – 3 hours return, to walk to the curved beach. A lookout is located a third of the way to the bay and provides a stunning view of the coastline before descending countless stairs to the water’s edge.

The best way to experience Wineglass Bay is by spending the night at the campsite found tucked into the southern corner. You can either do this as a quick return walk or by completing the entire Freycinet Peninsula Circuit, which includes traversing Hazards Beach and wandering across Mount Graham before dropping into Wineglass Bay.

Location: Wineglass Bay
Toilets: Yes
Phone Reception: Telstra only – patchy
Walking Distance To Shops: No

11. Cressy Beach

Cressy Beach on a dark and cloudy day with seagulls flocking the area

We stumbled upon Cressy Beach by chance one day when we were driving down the east coast searching for waves. While we didn’t find any surf on this occasion, we’re glad we stopped as this little coastal oasis stole our hearts.

With beautiful views across the sea to Freycinet Peninsula, Cressy Beach is the perfect place to stop on your way to Maria Island or Coles Bay. We have heard a whisper that fun waves can frequent this beach, but we’re yet to experience it.

But even if you don’t find any surf, the long stretch of sparkling sand allows for a beautiful walk to explore the rocky points located at each end. While camping isn’t allowed at Cressy Beach, you can find a beautiful campsite 10 minutes south at Mayfield Beach.

Location: Cressy Beach
Toilets: No
Phone Reception: Unknown
Walking Distance To Shops: No

12. Pirates Bay Beach

Standing over the Tessellated Pavement on the Tasman Peninsula in Tasmania

A trip to the east coast of Tasmania wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Tasman Peninsula and while you’re there, you must visit Pirates Bay Beach. Found at Eaglehawk Neck, Pirates Bay Beach extends south from the Tessellated Pavement.

Stellar views and calm waters make this beach ideal for a languid afternoon soaking up the sun after spending the day exploring the many attractions found on the Tasman Peninsula. You’ll also want to pack your snorkel or free diving gear as the reef next to the Tessellated Pavement will not disappoint.

Location: Pirates Bay Beach
Toilets: Yes
Phone Reception: Yes
Walking Distance To Shops: Yes

13. Crescent Bay Beach

Ocean at Remarkable Caves overlooking the walk to Crescent Beach on the Tasman Peninsula

Perhaps the most difficult to get to, Crescent Bay Beach is a 7.5 km return walk that begins at the Remarkable Caves. Yet if you choose to take on this mission, you’ll likely have the entire beach to yourself.

Crescent Bay Beach boasts incomparable views of Cape Pillar and Tasman Island in the east and rising up from the strikingly blue water, you’ll find towering sand dunes daring you to slide down them.

If you’re looking for adventure and solitude, this is the beach for you! And while you’re there, you can tack on a side trip to the summit of Mount Brown and wander down to the Remarkable Cave on your return.

Location: Crescent Bay Beach
Toilets: No
Phone Reception: Unknown
Walking Distance To Shops: No

Final Thoughts

There are countless beaches on the east coast of Tasmania that are worthy of a visit, and whichever you choose will offer beautiful soft sand and clear blue water. But of all the choices along the coastline, these are our absolute favourites.

The best part is, most of them also allow free camping or have a free campsite close by! This is why we love Tasmania so much. What would be your pick for the best beaches in east coast Tasmania? We’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.

Happy Exploring 🙂