10 Best Things To Do In The Bay Of Fires

The Bay of Fires in Tasmania’s northeast is world-famous for its gloriously fine white-sanded beaches set against orange-hued boulders and translucent turquoise waters. But the bay offers far more than just perfect beaches, there’s an endless list of things to do in the Bay of Fires – fondly known as the sunshine coast to locals – that you will wish you had weeks to spend exploring the marvellous coastline. 

We are lucky enough to call St Helens home, the closest town to the Bay of Fires, and have spent countless hours wandering the beaches, searching for secluded rock pools, snorkelling in swaying kelp forests, and surfing crystal clear waves with not another soul in sight. 

Now I know most of you don’t have countless hours to explore every last corner of this fiery coastline, so we have compiled a list of the 10 best things to do in the Bay of Fires! Don’t forget to check out our ultimate guide to the Bay of Fires next for all the information you need to plan your adventure. 

Moody Sunrise over the ocean at Grants Point in the Bay of Fires

Best Things To Do In The Bay Of Fires

1. Go Snorkelling At Seatons Cove

Location: 41°12’44.2″S 148°16’50.9″E

Snorkelling at Seatons Cove in the Bay of Fires

The best thing about snorkelling in the Bay of Fires is the ease of access to the rock reefs and kelp forests that are teeming with marine life. Each of the coastal points offers something unique and can be accessed right off the beach. 

Our favourite place to snorkel in the Bay of Fires is Seatons Cove, where the water is almost always calm and transparent. At this location, you’re very likely to see giant smooth stingrays and swim among beautiful underwater rock structures.  

Freediving is also a hugely popular activity in the Bay of Fires and Seatons Cove again is the best place to quench your underwater thirst.

2. Have A Picnic On The Beach With The Best Oysters In Australia

Location: 444 Binalong Bay Rd, St Helens TAS 7216

Sunset over Swimcart Beach in The Bay Of Fires Tasmania

This may be a bold statement because there are tons of tasty oysters in Australia, but I can almost guarantee you haven’t had any as big and juicy as those from Lease 65! And if I’m wrong, please let me know where the best are found! 

Lease 65 only sells their oysters to a select few local restaurants in and around St Helens. The only other way to purchase these delicious oysters yourself is to buy straight from the source.

Just remember to bring cash!

Their business is located just outside of St Helens on the way to Binalong Bay, so you can grab a dozen to pair with a local bottle of wine from the East Coast Village Providore in town, then find yourself a secluded beach to indulge and watch the sunset.

If you’re not so fussed about oysters, never fear! The East Coast Providore provide loads of delicious local produce to prepare the perfect afternoon beach picnic.

3. Watch The Sunrise At Skeleton Point

Location: Skeleton Bay Track, Binalong Bay TAS 7216

Watching the sunset at Skeleton Point Set over the Bay Of Fires Tasmania

Watching the sunrise over the ocean, igniting the rocks in a blaze of orange and bouncing off the azure blue water in a million shards of light is undoubtedly worth the early morning wake up call. 

Tasmania seems to be blessed with the best sunrises we have witnessed in all of Australia and Skeleton Point is one of our favourite places in the whole state to watch the dawn of a new day.

To get there, take Main Road east through the town of Binalong Bay and follow it as it turns into Skeleton Bay Road. The road will end at a small clearing where you will find a track out to Skeleton Point. 

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4. Swim In The Best Swimming Hole In The Bay Of Fires

Location: 41°12’33.8″S 148°17’05.3″E

Mermaid Pools at Sunset

There are many swimming holes littered along the Bay of Fires coast, but one that has been kept secret for some time is Mermaid Pool at Sloop Reef. This 3-metre deep pool is perched right on the edge of the point with views out to the wide-open sea. 

Finding this hidden paradise can be a little tricky even though the directions couldn’t be more straightforward. Follow Seatons Road all the way to the end where you can park your car in the turning bay. Keep a sharp eye out for the elusive trail hiding in the bushes and follow that until you reach the point of Sloop Reef. From there, some rock hopping is needed before you can dive into the gem that is mermaid pools.

5. Surf Secluded Waves At Eddystone Point

Location: 40°59’31.3″S 148°20’41.8″E

Surfing a right hand wave at Eddystone Point in the Bay of Fires

Surfing in the Bay of Fires can be fickle due to its protected nature but when the conditions cooperate, the swell produces super fun waves for most skill levels to enjoy. 

Our favourite place to surf is just south of Eddystone Point. It’s not often you’ll find a crowd this far north and it’s almost guaranteed you won’t be surfing with anyone else, other than the odd dolphin perhaps!

Note: For the best surf conditions at Eddystone Point, you’ll be looking for an easterly swell backed by a gentle northwesterly breeze.

To access the beach marked above, follow directions to Eddystone Point Lighthouse. Once you park at the lighthouse, retrace your steps to the Keepers Quarters and from there you will find an overgrown track leading down to the beach. The track is hard to find and even harder to push through in sections, but if you put the coordinates above in google maps, it will point you in the right direction. 

6. Search For Star Fish In The Rock Pools At Cosy Corner

Location: 41°13’24.0″S 148°17’02.6″E

Colourful Star fish in the rockpools of Cosy Corner beach in St Helens Tasmania

You don’t have to be a kid to search for life in the many rock pools hidden among the giant orange-hued boulders – at least that’s what I tell myself and I’m not budging! 

The rockpools from Cosy Corner North to Swimcart Beach are known to be full of starfish, crabs and the occasional giant blue bottle as well! Cosy corner is one of the best places to find native marine life along the entire east coast of Tasmania.

Note: For the best chance to see the rock pools teeming with marine life, visit them at low tide. You can find out the tides on the Willy Weather website.  

7. Rock Hop From Point To Point In The Bay Of Fires

Location: 41°14’19.2″S 148°17’24.2″E

Dangerous surf at Dora Point

A fair chunk of the Bay of Fires beaches can be accessed via rock hopping along the points and the best place to start is Swimcart Beach.

From Swimcart beach you can follow the remarkable coastline all the way to Cosy Corner North, continuously searching for the next best rockpool or protected pocket to cool off in. 

It’s by far the best way to explore and find all the hidden gems along the many jaw-dropping beaches. 

If you choose to rock hop other sections of the Bay of Fires, be sure to familiarise yourself with the tides and make a smart decision about the route you’re planning to take.

8. Take A Day Trip To Eddystone Point

Location: Eddystone Light Station, 2986 Eddystone Point Rd, Eddystone TAS 7264

Eddystone Point Lighthouse at golden hour

Eddystone Point is the most northern point of the Bay of Fires and is often overlooked. Most visitors spend their time near Binalong Bay, which is easier to access and closer to civilisation. 

But a huge part of the charm that makes Eddystone Point so incredible is the isolation. 

You can wander the secluded beaches in solitude, marvelling at the whitest sand you’ve ever laid eyes on! 

Still to this day, Eddystone Point has a 35-metre tall pink granite Lighthouse in operation that’s surrounded by giant orange-hued rock formations off the point. 

To get to Eddystone Point, take Ansons Bay Rd (C843), an unsealed but well-maintained dirt road, for approximately half an hour before turning right (northeast) onto Eddystone Point Rd (C846) and follow the road all the way to the end.

9. Swim In The Protected Cove At Sloop Reef

Location: 41°12’31.5″S 148°16’40.8″E

Seaton Coves beautiful blue water

Of course, there are a multitude of options for places to swim in the Bay of Fires. But our favourite spot is the protected cove below the Sloop Reef campground. The water is especially transparent and deep enough to submerge yourself for a saltwater cleanse. 

The best part is, you can camp less than 50 metres away and the extended beach north of the cove has been known to produce some fun waves for surfing when the swell is right! 

10. Visit Meresta’s At Binalong Bay

Location: Main Rd, Binalong Bay TAS 7216

Visiting Meresta’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner is a must when you’re in Binalong Bay. Their fresh seafood platter is absolutely mouthwatering and they stock the best local Tasmanian wine, beer and coffee. 

On top of that, I doubt you’ll find a restaurant with a better view of the northeast coast. Meresta is open all week from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm during the summer season, however, this may change during winter. For winter opening hours you can visit their website here

Binalong Bay Point outside Merestas Restaurant in the Bay of Fires

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the things to do in the Bay of Fires, but it’s a start and will keep you busy for a few days at least! What was your favourite activity on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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