6 Must-Visit Restaurants In Thamel When You Can’t Eat Another Dal Bhat

Thamel, the tourist hub of Kathmandu, is teeming with tasty restaurants offering cuisines from all over the world. And while we generally seek out local restaurants when we visit new countries, sometimes the craving for something different or familiar is too strong to ignore.

After spending several days in Thamel, wandering the chaotic streets and following the delicious smells wafting from the countless al fresco restaurants, we have curated a list of our absolute favourite restaurants in Thamel that you do not want to miss.

In our personal list of the best restaurants in Thamel, you’ll find a cosy and inviting setting with a wide variety of cuisines from Indian to Italian to familiar comforts like loaded smashed avo on toast. But while each restaurant has a main focus that isn’t local dishes, you will still find the famed dal bhat and momos on almost every menu – along with other favourite Nepalese dishes.

So if you’ve just come off a trek and cannot bring yourself to eat yet another dal bhat – or you simply want to taste some incredible flavours from all over the world – then make sure you add these 6 best restaurants in Thamel to your list. You won’t be disappointed!

Sitting in the Forest & Plate Restaurant in Thamel, Kathmandu
Forest & Plate’s beautiful garden setting

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6 Best Restaurants In Thamel, Kathmandu

Forest & Plate

Location: Mandala Street, Sagarmatha complex
Price: $$
Best For: Vegan, vegetarian, raw salads
Favourite meal: Veggie Pasta

Hidden in an alleyway off the bustling streets of Thamel, you’ll find this leafy rooftop restaurant on the third floor, just above Himalayan Java. Forest & Plate pride themselves on serving fresh, organic and raw dishes with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. The al fresco dining is filled with plants and the slightly quieter location provides a wonderful escape from the chaos of Thamel for a moment.

Forest & Plate are famed for their loaded salads and fresh juices, but our absolute favourite meal was the veggie pesto pasta. They make their pasta and vegan-friendly pesto sauce in-house, which you can easily tell once you take your first bite.

This organic salad restaurant was our go-to when we were craving a healthy dinner and a little peace and quiet.

4 Stories

Location: Saat Ghumti Marg
Price: $$
Best For: Healthy and innovative dishes
Favourite meal: Tofu tacos, momos

Tacos and Iced Coffee at 4 Stories Cafe in Thamel, Kathmandu
Boudha Bowl at 4 Stories in Thamel, Kathmandu

The flavours of 4 Stories are far from secret. You’ll see crowds of locals, expats and tourists flowing in and out of the trendy restaurant all day long. But that shouldn’t stop you from tasting their incredible cuisine yourself – just try to visit outside of regular eating hours!

We returned to 4 Stories multiple times thanks to their healthy alternative menu and their incredible coffee – which was easily the best we found in Thamel. Many people come with their laptops and settle in for the morning on the second story, which is decked out in cushions and low tables. But if you come back at night, the third floor is the place to be to drink some cocktails and listen to live music on a Friday.

Our favourite dishes at 4 Stories were the tofu tacos, the momos and the burrito bowl. We also loved the breakfast options, especially the smoothie bowls.

The Roadhouse Cafe

Location: Chaksibari Marg
Price: $$$
Best For: Wood-fired pizza
Favourite meal: Four cheese pizza, mushroom & herb pizza, cajun potato wedges

Delicious wood fired pizza at The Roadhouse in Thamel, Kathmandu

If you’re searching for the best wood-fired pizza in Kathmandu, then you won’t want to miss the Roadhouse Cafe in Thamel. This was easily the best pizza we tasted in Nepal – it even rivalled our favourite pizza restaurants in Australia!

The prices are a little higher at the Roadhouse Cafe compared to other restaurants in Thamel, but if you’re craving an authentic Italian pizza then it’s well worth the few extra dollars. We came back three times to satiate our craving after the first taste!

But even if you’re not a huge pizza fan, the Roadhouse Cafe is a beautifully decorated rustic restaurant that caters to many with a range of Nepalese dishes and pasta.

Third Eye Restaurant

Location: Chaksibari Marg
Price: $$$
Best For: Indian
Favourite meal: Gosht shahi korma, chicken reshmi kebab

Eating curry and naan at Third Eye Indian Restaurant in Kathmandu
Naan bread and curry at Third Eye, our favourite restaurant in Thamel, Nepal

The Third Eye Restaurants boasts that they’re the best Indian restaurant in Kathmandu. We were sceptical after eating at Lavie Gardens – one of our favourite restaurants in Boudhanath, but after tasting their unique curries and exquisitely spiced kebabs, we were sold!

Located across the street from the Roadhouse Cafe, the Third Eye Restaurant offers a fine dining experience with a beautiful courtyard and comfortable indoor seating. The prices are higher again, but the flavours that you’ll taste are worth every penny.

They have plenty of vegetarian and meat options throughout their menu, which focuses on authentic Indian dishes – many we hadn’t heard of before. Our favourite meals from our two visits were the gosht shahi korma – a mutton curry, and the chicken reshmi kebab which consisted of slices of chicken marinated in incredibly delicious spices.

Organic Smoothie Bowl & Cafe

Location: Amrit Marg
Price: $$
Best For: Healthy breakfast, smoothie bowls
Favourite meal: Guacamole toast, avocado salad

Smashed avocado on sourdough toast and a berry smoothie in Kathmandu

If you’re craving loads of fresh fruit and a simple egg and avocado breakfast on sourdough, look no further than Organic Smoothie Bowl & Cafe. This is the ultimate place for a traditional Australian ‘brunch’ style breakfast that will leave you feeling full of nutrients you’re likely lacking.

We stumbled upon this cafe in Boudhanath and returned to the second establishment in Thamel after the Kanchenjunga Trek – when we were craving fresh fruit and vegetables that are scarce in the mountains.

While the many choices of smoothie bowls are a stand-out at this cafe, we returned for the guacamole toast. The guacamole toast is served on deliciously fresh sourdough bread and you get at least one whole avocado per meal! Top that with a poached egg and you’ll feel as if you’re back home at your favourite cafe.


Location: Chaksibari Marg
Price: $
Best For: Vegetarian
Favourite meal: Moussaka pie

Places Restaurant in Thamel, Kathmandu

Places is a cosy vegetarian restaurant with cushioned seating and windows overlooking the chaotic streets of Thamel below. We passed by this restaurant many times while staying in Thamel and finally visited on our last night.

We were pleased to see a cheap menu filled with loads of variety ranging from favourite Nepalese dishes to interesting Greek-inspired options that we’d never heard of! We chose the moussaka pie, a Greek dish that resembles a vegetarian lasagne, and spinach momos.

Food at Places Restaurant in Thamel

This is a more authentic restaurant that doesn’t try to be anything fancy, but you’re guaranteed a quiet space and delicious food for an affordable price!

Final Thoughts

Enjoying Third Eye Indian Restaurant in Thamel
Enjoying Third Eye Indian Restaurant in Thamel

There is certainly no shortage of restaurants in Thamel, but that just makes the decision even more difficult! This list has been curated after hours spent searching through Google Maps and reading endless contradicting reviews.

We hope that we have saved you some time and effort and that you love our choices just as much as we did. If you have a favourite restaurant in Thamel that we haven’t included in this exclusive list, please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

Happy Travels 🙂