Woolshed Creek Hut | An Epic Overnight Hike For Beginners

Woolshed Creek Hut is arguably the best overnight hike for beginners and families near Christchurch. The easy and enjoyable hike offers sensational views over the Canterbury Plains, the mountainous Hakatere Conservation Park, and wanders through historic coal mine ruins.

But the best part about the hike to Woolshed Creek Hut is the variety of trail options available, catering to different abilities and preferences. This offers alluring options for a range of adventurers and can turn this hike into a fun weekend trip or a quick half-day walk.

During our recent trip to Ashburton Lakes, we spent the night camping at Woolshed Creek. While it wasn’t our absolute favourite hike in the region, we loved exploring the accessible peaks near the hut and discovering hidden waterfalls along the creeks.

In this post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the Woolshed Creek Hut Hike. We will cover the details of our top recommended circuit, suggest some exciting side trip options, provide information about the booking system, and offer tips on what to bring.

Camping at Woolshed Creek Hut During Sunrise

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Essential Information For The Woolshed Creek Hut Hike In The Hakatere Conservation Park

Quick Statistics For The Woolshed Creek Hut Loop Hike

12 km circuit (10km return via Blackburn Coal Mine)

1 – 2 days | 5 – 7 hrs total average walking time

Navigation Difficulty
Easy – see details below

Trail Difficulty
Easy-Moderate (easy for return via Blackburn Coal Mine)

Physical Challenge
Moderate (easy – moderate for return via Blackburn Coal Mine)

Elevation Gain
805 m (400 m for return via Blackburn Coal Mine)

Highest Elevation
1,130 m (901 m for return via Blackburn Coal Mine)

Entrance Fees
Woolshed Creek Hut Booking Fee

Trailhead: Toilets, shelter with untreated water, large car park, walker’s information sign
Woolshed Creek Hut: Drop toilets, untreated water, mattresses, heating

Where does the Hike To Woolshed Creek Hut Start?

Woolshed Creek Hut Carpark on a good day
Woolshed Creek Hut Car Park
Woolshed Creek Hut Car Park after snow
Woolshed Creek Hut Car Park after snow

Woolshed Creek Hut lies beside Woolshed Creek, tucked into the folds of the valley beneath the mighty Winterslow Range. You can access Woolshed Creek Hut from either Woolshed Creek Car Park or Sharplin Falls Car Park, but the easiest route – and the one we will explain here – begins from Woolshed Creek Car Park.

The Woolshed Creek Car Park is found at the end of Jig Rd, off Ashburton Gorge Rd, 1 hr 40 minutes west of Christchurch. You’ll find flushing toilets, untreated running water and a small shelter in the car park. There is patchy service for both Spark and One NZ at the car park.

How To Get To The Woolshed Creek Car Park

Woolshed Creek Hut directions from Christchurch

Click here for directions to the Woolshed Creek Hut Trailhead

The hike to Woolshed Creek Hut is popular among locals, but it isn’t often included in a traveller’s itinerary. Therefore, you won’t find any public transport or tour options for the Woolshed Creek Hut Hike and will need to drive yourself to the trailhead.

By Car

The drive to Woolshed Creek Car Park is a straightforward journey. Leave Christchurch on State Highway 1, heading southwest for 58 km until you reach Rakaia. From there, take a right turn onto Thompson Track and follow the signs to Mount Somers.

Once at Mount Somers, drive northwest on Ashburton Gorge Rd for 9 km and look for the turn-off to Jigg Rd – which will be signposted. Turn right and continue on the gravel road for 5 km until you arrive at Woolshed Creek Car Park. The gravel road is well-maintained and suitable for all vehicles.

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Who Is The Woolshed Creek Hut Hike For?

Woolshed Creek Hut hike is a fantastic trail suitable for both beginners and seasoned adventurers. For beginners and families, the easy return walk provides an excellent introduction to overnight hiking. The short distance and hut facilities allow you to keep your pack light.

Hiking to the Blackburn Coal Mine on the track to Woolshed Creek Hut

However, if you’re looking for a bit more excitement, you can opt for the circuit route explained in the track notes. This alternative allows you to return via a slightly more challenging track, with several side trips to keep you entertained along the way.

Furthermore, you can also complete the entire Mount Somers Track, which includes a second night camping at Pinnacles Hut and a summit hike to Mount Somers. This circuit is a total of 33.6 km and generally takes two days to complete.

Navigation On The Woolshed Creek Hut Loop

Trail sign on the Mt Somers Track heading to Woolshed Creek Hut
Orange markers on the Mt Somers track for easy navigation

For the most part, the Woolshed Creek Hut Hike is very well marked – especially on the Mt Somers Track between Woolshed Creek Car Park and Woolshed Creek Hut. The trail is marked with orange-tipped poles and orange triangles nailed to trees. Furthermore, there are helpful signs at each track junction and most side trips to keep you on the right path. 

With that said, the track between the swing bridge at Emerald Pools and the Bus Stop requires slightly more concentration to avoid wandering off on one of the faint trails leading to various viewpoints. But if you keep track of the trail markers, it’s easy to stay on course.

Understanding The Woolshed Creek Hut Booking System

Woolshed Creek Hut on the Mt Somers Track

It can be tricky for first-timers to understand the Department of Conservation (DOC) backcountry hut booking system as the rules vary from hut to hut. For Woolshed Creek Hut, there is a year-round flat rate fee of $25 NZD per adult, per night from Sunday – Friday and $30 NZD per adult, per night on Saturday

Booking in advance is required for Woolshed Creek Hut and can be done online on the DOC website. The hut is popular on weekends, but you can usually get a spot easily during the week without too much prior planning.

A backcountry hut pass can be used throughout the year for Woolshed Creek Hut. You are still required to book your spot if you hold a backcountry hut pass, which can be done on their booking system.

Note: We have noticed that the website isn’t offering you the chance to add a backcountry hut pass for Woolshed Creek Hut. We recommend calling DOC or going into a nearby DOC visitor centre to ensure you get to use your pass.

Camping at Woolshed Creek Hut

Cooking breakfast at sunrise camping at Woolshed Creek Hut

If you prefer camping in a tent – or would like to save some money – there are plenty of beautiful grassy spots beside Woolshed Creek Hut to set up a tent. Camping costs $12.50 NZD per adult, per night from Sunday – Friday and $15 NZD per adult, per night on Saturday.

You still have access to the toilet if you’re camping, but you are generally prohibited from using the hut facilities. Bookings are still required in advance for camping, which can be done via the DOC website as well.

Note: Our DOC Campsite Pass worked for camping at Woolshed Creek Hut. We’re not sure if this is usually the case for other backcountry campsites, but if you have this pass (which we highly recommend if you’re road-tripping New Zealand in a campervan) then it’s worth trying to use it for camping!

Woolshed Creek Hut at dusk

Hiking To Woolshed Creek Hut In A Day

Hiking to Woolshed Creek Hut in a day is easily doable, especially if you simply walk out and back via the Mt Somers Track. The return walk to Woolshed Creek Hut will take roughly 3.5 – 5 hours, including a lunch break at the hut. For the Woolshed Creek Hut Circuit, we recommend allowing 5 – 7 hours as you’ll encounter additional steep sections and a slightly longer trail.

What To Bring To Woolshed Creek Hut

Hiking the Bus Stop Route on a wet and muddy trail

The best thing about the Woolshed Creek Hut hike for beginners and families is that it’s short and you can get away with eating lunch before you leave. This means that you only have to pack enough food for one dinner, one breakfast and one lunch.

If you’re hiking to Woolshed Creek Hut in a day, all you need is a hiking daypack – such as the Osprey Mira 32 – with at least 2 litres of water, snacks, a basic first aid kit, a rain jacket and a warm layer.

Here’s the basic essentials you’ll need for an overnight trip to Woolshed Creek Hut.

Woolshed Creek Hut Amenities

Kitchen and common area in Woolshed Creek Hut
Bunk rooms in Woolshed Creek Hut

Woolshed Creek Hut is a relatively new backcountry hut set beside Woolshed Creek in the folds of a beautiful valley. The hut has a total of 26 bunks split between 2 bunkrooms, a large dining and kitchen area overlooking the valley and picnic tables outside beside the creek.

Here is a list of amenities you’ll find at Woolshed Creek Hut:

  • Toilets (bring your own toilet paper)
  • Non-treated tank water
  • Shared bunks with mattresses
  • Woodfire
Fireplace in Woolshed Creek Hut

From October to April (and on long weekends), there will be a volunteer hut warden who will check you in on arrival and help you with any questions. Outside of these times, you’re required to check yourself in via the registration book.

Best Time To Hike To Woolshed Creek Hut

Hiking to Woolshed Creek Hut on the Mt Somers Track on a misty spring morning

Due to its relatively low elevation, Woolshed Creek Hut is accessible year-round. However, you can expect to find snow dusting the mountain tops – and even possibly the trail – through the winter months.

Below we’ve briefly summarised the positives and negatives of each season to help you decide when to plan this hike for.

  • Summer – Summer offers the easiest walking conditions, with a very low chance of encountering snow or ice and the longest daylight hours. However, it is the busiest time of year and you will want to pack extra water and sun protection as there are several sections that are exposed to the sun.
  • Autumn – Our favourite time to hike to Woolshed Creek Hut is in Autumn. This is a slightly quieter time for the trail and the sun is much more mellow. However, the nights can be colder and there is a chance of encountering snow so ensure you’re prepared for these conditions.
  • Winter – Winter provides more challenging conditions, with very cold nights and potential snow or ice coating the trail. But if you have the skills for hiking in the snow, then this is a great time to avoid the majority of the crowds.
  • Spring – You’ll generally still have a moderately high chance of encountering snow during early Spring. But once the winter snow melts, this is a great time to walk before the sun gets too hot. However, it does start to get busy on the trails after labour day weekend (mid-October).

Woolshed Creek Hut Track Notes

Woolshed Creek Hut on the Mt Summers Track

When we hiked to Woolshed Creek Hut, we chose to complete the circuit in a clockwise direction. This meant that we did the easiest and shortest day first and returned on the more challenging track. 

We will be explaining the track in this direction, which provides you with plenty of time to explore once you get to Woolshed Creek Hut, but there is no major benefit to walking the circuit clockwise.

For the easiest route, you’ll follow our steps to Woolshed Creek Hut via the Mt Somers Track and return along the same trail.

Day 1: Woolshed Creek Car Park To Woolshed Creek Hut Via The Mt Somers Track

Distance: 5 km
Time: 2 – 3 hrs
Elevation Gain: 383 m
Difficulty: Easy

Woolshed Creek Car Park To The Old Blackburn Coal Mine

Beginning of the Mt Somers Track towards Woolshed Creek Hut
Hiking along the Miners Route to Woolshed Creek Hut in New Zealand

Your journey to Woolshed Creek Hut will begin on the Mt Somers Track, following the signs to the Old Blackburn Coal Mine. You’ll wander along a wide gravel path, which loosely follows alongside Woolshed Creek, for 1 km until arriving at the ruins of a four tonne hopper (a train cart that brought coal down the hill).

4 Tonne Hopper ruins on the Blackburn Miners track
River below the 4 tonne hopper on the Mt Sommers Track

After reading about the history of the hopper, you’ll continue north and begin the steady ascent towards the historic Blackburn Coal Mine. In 200 m, you’ll find yourself at a track junction where you can either continue along the Mt Somers Track or take the alternative Sidewinder Track. We stayed on Mt Somers Track, which is slightly shorter and less steep.

You’ll continue ascending along the dirt track for 600 m, crossing a small stream and catching glimpses of the mountainous landscape rising up from the Canterbury Plains. Man-made stairs assist in the steepest sections of the climb and before you know it, you’ll emerge from the treeline to arrive at what was once the Blackburn Coal Mine.

Hiking up the man-made stairs to Blackburn coal mione on the Mt Somers Track in New Zealand
Blackburn Coal Mine on the Mt Somers Track

Take a moment to catch your breath and explore the old mine site, which includes a historic shed and decaying mining equipment scattered across the barren landscape. Once you’ve finished wandering the ruins, return to the Mt Somers Track and continue walking northeast towards the rugged Winterslow Range.

The Old Blackburn Coal Mine To Woolshed Creek Hut

For the next kilometre, the trail takes on a gentle undulating fashion as you weave through open tussock fields – with a brief shady reprieve in a small band of trees – until you reach another track junction at a fence line.

Track junction on the final push to Woolshed Creek Hut

A sign indicates that the left trail is easier and the trail straight ahead offers more of a challenge. The harder track traverses the western slopes above the ravine on a slightly more technical trail. It has a little more elevation gain compared to the easier track and allows you to gaze deep into the gorge.

We chose the easier trail because it led to better vistas of the magnificent mountain ranges filling the western horizon. Plus, we would have the chance to traverse alongside the ravine the following day so we didn’t have to miss out on those views either.

Walking on the 4wd track towards Woolshed Creek Hut in New Zealand

The easy track follows alongside the fenceline for a moment before cutting across tussock fields to a gravel road. As you walk along the dirt road, you’re afforded sensational panoramas of the mighty mountains rising dramatically from the valley floor, where rivers thread through the foothills.

View over the neverending valleys behind Woolshed Creek Hut on the Mt Somers Route

After roughly 2 km of walking along the old Mine Rd, you’ll finally lay eyes upon Woolshed Creek Hut below, tucked into the folded valley beside Woolshed Creek.

Woolshed Creek Hut

First view of Woolshed Creek Hut from the Mt Somers Track

You’ll arrive at Woolshed Creek Hut roughly 2 – 2.5 hours after leaving the car park, having completed 5 km and 383 m of elevation.

The hut is situated on the banks of Woolshed Creek, with a large grassy clearing on both sides providing plenty of suitable spots to set up a tent. We set up our tent on the eastern banks, just below the hut in a protected little alcove.

Inside Woolshed Creek Hut, you’ll find a large dining area and kitchen with bench seats and a fireplace, three outdoor sinks and two bunk rooms with cubby holes. There are two drop toilets a short walk from the hut, a large deck that gets the morning sun and a picnic bench outside on the grass.

Woolshed Creek Hut on the Mt Somers Track

From the hut, you have ample exploration opportunities to keep you busy in the afternoon. You can hike up the rugged rocky peaks north of Woolshed Creek Hut to gain 360-degree views of the mountain ranges or wander along the banks of Morgan Stream or Woolshed Creek to find hidden waterfalls and water caves.

Side Trips From Woolshed Creek Hut 

The High Point North Of Woolshed Creek Hut

Distance: 2 km return
Time: 1 – 1.5 hrs
Elevation Gain: 200 m
Difficulty: Hard

Hiking to the nameless peak above Woolshed Creek Hut
View from the nameless peak above Woolshed Creek Hut

For sensational views of the rugged mountain range you’re camping in, you can hike to the top of the high point just north of Woolshed Creek Hut. This adventure is for the more experienced hikers, as there isn’t technically a trail to follow and at times it is very loose and steep.

But if you have more energy to burn, the views and the adventure are well worth the effort of adding an extra 200 m of elevation to your day.

The Water Caves

Distance: 3 km return
Time: 1 – 1.5 hrs
Elevation Gain: 145 m
Difficulty: Moderate

The Water Caves on the Mount Somers Track in New Zealand

Approximately 1.3 km along the Mt Somers Track towards Pinnacles Hut are the Water Caves and a hidden waterfall, offering an exciting adventure and a refreshing swimming hole in the summer.

Hiking to the Water Caves on the way to Pinnacles Hut on the Mt Somers Track

To find the Water Caves, follow the eroded Mt Somers Track east from Woolshed Creek Hut. After 600 m, the track sharply turns right to avoid an old landslip, leading you to a spot along Morgans Stream that is easily crossable. From there, the trail winds northeast beside the stream for another 700 m until you reach a sign for the water caves. A narrow dirt trail branches off to the left of the Mt Somers Track, guiding you to the banks of Morgan Stream where you’ll discover a collection of massive boulders scattered through the water.

Walking to the hidden falls at the Water Caves near Woolshed Creek Hut
Hidden Falls near the Water Caves on the Mt Somers Track

To locate the hidden waterfall, venture onto a very faint track on the southern side of the stream for 100 m. Although you’ll need to navigate over rocks and through the scrub, your efforts will be rewarded with a secluded little waterfall that gracefully descends into the stream strewn with boulders below.

Once you return to the Mt Somers Track, continue a short distance east before heading back to the hut to marvel at a second waterfall that flows just above the one you walked to.

Emerald Pools And The Swing Bridge

Distance: 800 m return
Time: 10 minutes
Elevation Gain:
Difficulty: Easy

Emerald Pools from the Swing Bridge on the Bus Stops Route from Woolshed Creek Hut

The Emerald Pools and the iconic swing bridge are located along the Bus Stop Track, a short 5-minute walk from Woolshed Creek Hut. On a hot afternoon, the deep translucent water in the Emerald Pools provides the perfect place to cool down with a swim.

However, if the weather isn’t warm enough to swim, we suggest waiting until the following morning when you begin your return walk to Woolshed Creek Car Park via the Bus Stop Track to visit the pools and the swing bridge.

Day 2: Woolshed Creek Hut To Woolshed Creek Car Park Via The Bus Stop Track

Distance: 7 km return
Time: 3 – 4.5 hrs
Elevation Gain: 422 m
Difficulty: Moderate

Woolshed Creek Hut To Trifalls Stream

To complete the Woolshed Creek Hut Circuit, leave the hut via the Bus Stop Track that begins on the opposite side of the creek. You’ll follow the narrow trail south as it traverses alongside Woolshed Creek.

Walking over the massive swingbridge on the Bust Stop Route near Woolshed Creek Hut

5 minutes later, you’ll arrive at the swing bridge that takes you across Morgan Stream. Before walking over the bridge, take a left and walk down to the Emerald Pools. As we mentioned above in the side trips, this is the ultimate swimming hole for a hot summer’s day. 

Once you’ve finished exploring the pools, continue across the swing bridge and follow the rough skinny track as it traverses for a moment before climbing up the steep mountainside. This is the section of the walk that requires a little extra concentration to keep track of the trail markers as there are several faint tracks that can lead you astray.

Steep, uneven trail on the Bus Stop Route while hiking to Woolshed Creek Hut

The loose and rocky track continues to climb up the steep slope for roughly 300 m until you finally arrive at a high point that overlooks Woolshed Creek Hut and the deep snaking valley. From here, you’ll start a short descent beneath a canopy of burnt beech trees towards Trifalls Stream.

The Waterfalls At Trifalls Stream

You’ll arrive at Trifalls Stream after roughly 1.1 km and have the opportunity to explore two alluring waterfalls. Start by sticking to the side of the stream you’re already on and wander west down a little path that will deliver you to the top of a plunging waterfall. While you can’t really get a good view of the waterfall you’re standing on, this vantage point allows you to gaze out across the gorge and look back upstream at a lovely little waterfall. 

Waterfall in Trifalls Stream on the Bus Stop Route near Woolshed Creek Hut

After returning to the original track, cross the stream and follow the trail as it begins to wind up the steek bank. Shortly after, you’ll come to a sign for a waterfall 5 minutes east. Take the left turn and follow the side track upstream to a beautiful double tiered waterfall that cascades into the cavernous gorge surrounding you.

Big waterfall in Trifalls Stream on the Bus Stop Route near Woolshed Creek Hut

Once you’ve finished hopping across the slippery boulders to gain a better view of the waterfall, return to the track junction and continue climbing out of the gorge.

Trifalls Stream To The Bus Stop

This is where the big ascent begins and doesn’t stop for roughly 1.2 km. There is no denying that this section of the trail is a slog, with roots and loose rocks trying to trip you up as you ascend through the barren tussock-filled landscape. But the views that are unravelling behind you of the gorge and the monstrous Winterslow Range are worth every step.

Hiking over rocks on the Bust Stop Route towards Trifalls Stream

After a total of 2.2 km, you’ll reach a high point half way up the climb that offers sensational vistas over the tiny Woolshed Creek Hut and the golden brown landscape. Take a moment to catch your breath at this epic viewpoint before pushing on for a final 600 m to the highest point on the Woolshed Creek Hut Circuit – the Bus Stop.

The Bus Stop, the highest point on the Woolshed Creek Hut Hike in New Zealand

Note:  As you gain elevation, watch out for a prickly shrub that emerges amid the tussock grass. This evil shrub, known as spear grass or Spaniard, can cause you to draw blood if it pierces your skin. Be vigilant and try to avoid contact with this troublesome plant to prevent getting pricked.

The Bus Stop To The South Face Track

The Bus Stop is nothing more than a little white and red sign nailed into the side of the light brown rocky overhang. There is little information to be found as to whether this was actually where the miners were picked up or whether it is simply a joke.

Epic views from the Bus Stop lookout on the Woolshed Creek Hut Hike

But no matter the reason, the panoramic views from this vantage point are nothing short of breathtaking. After admiring the deep valleys filled with braided blue rivers and soaring snow-capped peaks, continue traversing the golden brown landscape for 400 m before beginning the short descent to another creek.

This section of the Bus Stop Track is frequently accompanied by a stream of water that cascades down the rocky trail, take your time to descend the slippery and muddy path. After crossing the creek, you’ll quickly climb up the steep embankment and begin the long traverse across the boggy tussock grassland.

Descending from the Bus Stop Lookout on the Bus Stop Route Track in Mt Somers
Hiking the Bus Stop Route on a wet and muddy trail

Boardwalks and rickety planks assist in the muddiest sections along the traverse, allowing you to gain ground quickly and admire the unravelling Canterbury Plains in the south as you walk. Finally, after 4.9 km, the Bus Stop Track ends and you’ll link up with the South Face Track.

The South Face Track To Woolshed Creek Car Park

South Face Track and Bus Stop Track junction on the Woolshed Creek Hut Hike

At the track junction, the left track takes you to Sharplin Falls Car Park and the right trail leads you to Woolshed Creek Car Park. Taking the right track, you’ll continue walking west for a kilometre before the final big descent begins.

Traversing the South Face Track on the Woolshed Creek Hut hike

The terrain returns to loose shale and rock as you follow the zigzagging track down the steep mountainside. The beautiful vistas of the Canterbury Plains keep you captivated as you walk, allowing you to take your mind off the endless descent.

Descending down the very steep and loose South Face Track Trail back to the Woolshed Creek Hut Carpark

Eventually, after 800 m, the trail dips into the trees for a shady respite and a set of steps help with the descent for a moment. From this point, the gradient levels out slightly, making the final 500 m a little easier.

After crossing a bridge over Woolshed Creek, you’ll arrive at the car park roughly 3 – 4 hours later. Including all the side trips along the track, the trail is approximately 7 km. It took us a total of 3 hours walking time and 4 hours total time – which included loads of stops for photos and lunch.

Soothing the feet in the creek at Woolshed Creek Hut Carpark

Other Important Information For Hiking To Woolshed Creek Hut In The Hakatere Conservation Park

Leave No Trace

The landscape that you walk through on the Woolshed Creek Hut Circuit is regenerating after years of abuse from the mining days. We can all do our part to help by following the 7 Leave No Trace Principles. When you’re on the trails – or anywhere for that matter – take all your rubbish with you (including food scraps and tissues), use the toilets provided and stick to the trails.

Where To Stay Near Woolshed Creek

The Woolshed Creek Car Park is a short 1 hr 40 minute drive from Christchurch, making this an easily doable adventure while you’re staying in the city. However, if you’d like to spend more time in the stunning Ashburton Lakes District, then we highly recommend basing yourself around Methven.

Camping Near Woolshed Creek

Our top recommendation for where to stay near Woolshed Creek is to camp in the Ashburton Lakes District. You can camp right on the banks of Lake Camp for free, with sensational mountain views and plenty of other hikes nearby – such as Mt Guy.

Camping at Lake Camp in the Ashburton Lakes during a magical sunrise
Camping on the shores of Lake Camp

Here is a list of camping options near Woolshed Creek:

Final Thoughts

Woolshed Creek Hut offers an excellent overnight hiking experience suitable for beginners and families. Although the first half of the walk through old mining sites didn’t excite us, we were truly captivated by the landscape once we reached the hut.

If you’re up for the small challenge, we highly recommend completing the loop and returning via the Bus Stop Track. This route offers incredible views and is worth the additional elevation. However, if you’re hiking on a hot summer’s day, remember to stay hydrated as the majority of the walk is exposed to the sun.

Have you hiked the Woolshed Creek Hut Circuit? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below. Furthermore, please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions regarding the Woolshed Creek Hut Hike.

Happy Hiking 🙂