Thredbo MTB | Australia’s Famous Trails Explained

I’m not saying we’re lazy, but when a chance to avoid climbs while riding is presented, we’ll grab it at any cost. And Thredbo’s Kosciuszko chairlift is the perfect solution. It’s simply a bonus that the trails at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park are of the highest quality, bringing us back time and time again.

Thredbo is the best Australian Ski/MTB resort. World-class tracks – in both winter and summer – are tucked into the side of the Kosciuszko National Park.

Thredbo is a cozy little village with an icy river running through the centre stretching all the way to Jindabyne. The river passes through beautiful Snow Gum forests and the moist banks border secluded free campsites.

How can any other mountain compete?

Oh, and did we mention it’s Australia’s only chairlift accessible MTB park? That might also have something to do with it…

Overview of Thredbo MTB Park

Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Trail Style
Singletrack, Gravity Enduro, Downhill

34 km

2 full days (minimum)

Total Descent
2, 069 m

Entrance Fee
Kosciuszko National Park Pass (summer) – $17 a day, $68 for 5 days, $190 a year for NSW all parks pass.

Lift Pass
$77 a day – for more special deals and season pass info check out Thredbo’s website

Trail Map, toilets, drinking water, food, accommodation, picnic area, 2 x chairlifts, lessons, bike and safety equipment hire

Recommended Gear
Full face helmet, Neck Brace, Body Armour, Downhill rated knee pads, Long sleeve jersey, Gravity pants, Gloves, Camelbak

Thredbo Mountain Biking has been around since the 90’s, but back then the resort operated very differently. Recreational riding was almost non-existent and the MTB park was mainly used as a venue for downhill racing events.

Dylan railing a berm on top of the kosciuszko Flow Trail at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

As the years went on and mountain biking became more and more popular amongst recreational riders, it appeared Thredbo MTB Park was being left behind. Their lack of facilities for everyday mountain bikers almost caused a complete halt on the park.

Fortunately for us, in 2012 a massive funding campaign commenced courtesy of Dirt Art. A globally-renowned trail building organisation, responsible for the creation of other awesome trail networks including Mystic MTB Park in Victoria and the world-famous Maydena in Tasmania.

With access to funds stretching into the millions, it’s a no brainer why such a great facility has been revolutionised in Thredbo.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself…

Thredbo MTB Park Trails

Thredbo MTB Park offers a variety of trails for all types of riders. Ranging from hectic downhill to epic flow to entry-level village loops to huge jump parks and pump tracks.

They boast of a whole family experience and I guess we can’t argue with that.

We’re going to divide the runs into Gravity (chairlift access) and Cross-Country so you can skip to whichever suits you best.

Jumping over a fallen tree stump on the Lower All Mountain Trail at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

Thedbo MTB Gravity Trails

Thredbo prides itself on gravity and focuses every ounce of detail on speed for their chairlift accessible runs.

Regular trail updates and maintenance to the seven distinct gravity tracks keep riders who frequent Thredbo MTB park on their toes and provides pristine mountain biking for any first time visitor.

All seven runs are at your mercy from the top of either the Kosciuszko Chairlift or Gunbarrel Express Chairlift. And all seven – while appearing completely different from one another – share the same perfectly groomed and well thought out structure, ensuring riders of all levels an EPIC day.


As the name suggests, this is a smooth-flowing trail, hosting many beautiful berms and small tabletop jumps. Extending 4.8 km and not throwing any rough technical sections in the mix, this is a run I’ll describe as heaven for speed.

Perfectly suited for all levels of mountain biker, the ‘Kozy’ Flow trail is the most popular gravity run at Thredbo and is best accessed from the Kosciuszko Chairlift.

Flying over the rock drop on the kosciuszko Flow Trail at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park


Australia’s gnarliest downhill run! Built only for those extreme thrill-seekers. Boasting a daunting amount of technical rock gardens throughout a crazily steep line with no B-line options. This run is dedicated to only the advanced riders out there and is only accessible via the Kosciuszko chairlift.

Coming in at 3.4 km long, it is the most direct descent from the peak of Thredbo Mountain Bike Park, and certainly the MOST DEMANDING!

Smashing through one of the more tame rock gardens on the Cannonball Run at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park


The perfect mix of flow and tech. Standing at the longest gravity trail in Thredbo MTB Park, reaching upwards of 10 km and providing the widest variety of terrain by far.

I can guarantee you’ll love this mountain biking adventure!

The All-Mountain trail will suit everyone who loves beautiful scenery and is up for the physical challenge of a world-class Enduro Trail.

The entire run can only be accessed by the Kosciuszko Chairlift, although the Gunbarrel Express provides a mid-way entry point for riders looking to avoid the rugged peak.

Great view of the kosciuszko National Park while riding the Upper All Mountain Trail at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park


Veering right at the base of the All-Mountain Trail and continuing back to the Kosciuszko Chairlift is Home Run. The perfect end to the perfect All-Mountain adventure!

After one tiny little uphill pedal, 800 m of berms, berms and more berms wind ever so tightly almost the entire length of this cruisy, yet fun descent.

A dusty entrance to a dusty berm on the Lower All Mountain Trail at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park


Ricochet runs for 3.2 km and is best described as an advanced flow line. Fast single track and flowing berms mixed with intermediate rock features and a larger progression of jumps.

This is the newest addition to Thredbo’s gravity trails and is widely loved by adventure seekers alike. A run Thredbo needed to build!

Access is gained from the Gunbarrel Express Chairlift.


Easy Street is the baby of the gravity runs and supports a perfect platform for novice mountain bikers. Accessed from the top of the Gunbarrel Express Chairlift, it follows the winter ‘Catwalk’ across the mountainside for 2 km before meeting the Kosciuszko Flow Trail.

The remainder of the mountain must be completed on the lower portion of the Flow Trail.


Woody’s was a new addition at the beginning of 2019/2020 season and provides an alternate route at the lower portion of the Kosciuszko Flow Trail.

Honestly, I was disappointed with Woody’s. I had high hopes for a fast-flowing tight tree line, somewhat resembling the off-piste snowboarding Thredbo is famous for. But instead, Woody’s almost brought a complete halt to flow. Weaving both up and downhill through mulchy dirt without a sense of direction. Not Very Fun.

Sorry Thredbo, I still love you!

I rode Woody’s on the opening weekend of 2019/2020, so here’s hoping this trail has been updated and improved to the high standard that Thredbo MTB Park has been built upon.

Thredbo MTB Cross-Country Trails

Thredbo Mountain Biking isn’t all built for insane gnar and high speed. The Kosciuszko National Park is a place of beautiful nature to explore at your discretion.

And what is a better way than by mountain bike?

There are five options for a scenic cross-country ride around town and all of which are suitable for any level of rider.

Golf Course Loop

Commencing from the top of Crackenback Ridge, a single track leads you around the perimeter of Thredbo’s 9 hole golf course. Small technical features can be found along this 2.9 km route, making it the more advanced of Thredbo’s cross-country loops. But nothing that should deter any rider.

It can be tricky to find, but access is via the top gate of Crackenback Drive.

Village Loop

The Village loop introduces the first climb we have mentioned at Thredbo MTB Park… Is it worth it if there’s a chairlift inbound? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

This run leads you 2.9 km around calm rock pools and through the alpine forest, before meeting the Kosciuszko Flow Trail for a fast and nippy finish.

Friday Flat Loop

This 2.4 km quick sharp loop has a little bit of everything and is a great circuit for everyone. The undulating natural trails wind through the forest before leading riders up a steeper climb.

Pipeline Path

The Pipeline Path is the most beginner of the five cross-country trails. No real climbs or anything technical along the 2 km track makes this a cosy family ride that can be completed at a steady pace.

Thredbo Valley Track

This is a shared trail for mountain bikers and hikers alike and provides stunning picturesque landscapes as you creep along the edge of the Thredbo River, peaking through the alpine mass of Eucalyptus Trees.

The Valley Track is the longest run in Thredbo and stretches as far as Jindabyne (a whopping 35 km away).

Our Favourite Gravity Runs

Alright! Now we can get into the good stuff.

Our picks of the bunch for Thredbo’s Gravity runs are the Kosciuszko Flow, Cannonball and All-Mountain trails (we haven’t ridden Ricochet… yet).

Each of these runs are extremely unique and encompasses all the best traits of mountain biking. And, in turn, creates the best experience in Thredbo MTB Park.

Jumping the big gap jump on the lower section of the Cannonball run at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

Kosciuszko Flow Trail

The beginning of the run is an extremely loose gravel road littered with braking bumps, creating the reality that this bike park is no small feat.

A great welcome to Thredbo!

A controlled descent or flying down this doozy of an opening sets you online for the loosest excuse of a hairpin corner. Dusty windblown gravel lines the centre while ankle-deep pebbles border the edge.

It all just adds to the fun of course!

Drifting around the dangerously loose gravel corner at the top of Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

Dropping a foot and drifting around the corner points you in the direction of one of two opening runs. The smooth and buttery Kosciuszko Flow Trail or the insanely technical Downhill beast Thredbo is famous for – The Cannonball!

Upper Flow Trail

As a warm-up, we highly recommend veering left and beginning the day with a few laps on the Flow Trail. But hey, we aren’t your parents so feel free to proceed with any run you would like!

Coming in hot off the gravel road, the adrenaline rush continues by blasting around the first berm and pinning it straight over the small rock garden.

Candace riding across the bridge at the top of the kosciuszko flow Trail at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

Maintaining as smooth a line as possible through the three rough berms is important, as a mellow gradient is apparent through the opening forest section.

Lunging from the last berm and pumping over the small tabletops brings about much needed speed as the run begins to step it up a notch.

The first introduction of rocks and gap jumps provide several lines for all levels of mountain bikers. The A-line pops straight over the small rock garden while the B-line swings around the outside.

Dylan Jumping the rocks at the top of the kosciuszko flow trail at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

After shooting out of the trees, the Kosciuszko Flow Trail finally begins to symbolise its name. An open playing field of wide single track parts way as the slope of the mountain takes a much desired turn and steepens.

Minimal pedalling is needed and even if a mistake is made over the next several kilometres, gravity works its magic to bring the pace back naturally.

Before we get too carried away, a beautiful hip jump is perched immediately after the first wide-open berm. It’s perfectly shaped to practice whips or scrubs. The gradual launchpad naturally kicks your rear wheel sideways and with a lander angling slightly to the right, it’d be rude not to have a crack.

Jumping the hip at the top of the kosciuszko Flow Trail at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

Pretty pathetic attempt on my behalf…!

Continuing down the dry and sometimes immensely dusty top of the Flow Trail, long straights and grippy corners are what’s next.

Several styles of berms are in the mix as you descend down the mountain. Some are tight with small rocks breaching the surface, whereas others come in the shape of long sweeping bends that offer tremendous support, really allowing you to dig deep and bounce hard on exiting.

Candace railing the berms on the kosciuszko Flow Trail at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

But don’t worry if berms aren’t your thing, several small kickers and rock drops are scattered throughout the entirety of this trail. As we mentioned earlier, this run is for everyone!

Middle Flow Trail

The above section is a lead up to our favourite slice of the Kosciuszko Flow Trail – The Switchbacks!

Countless switchbacks down the kosciuszko Flow Trail at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

As you would have first witnessed from the Chairlift, a seemingly never-ending series of perfectly rounded berms wind down the mountain. With turn after perfect turn, it is impossible not to gain confidence throughout each lap.

One of the best traits of the switchbacks is another slight shift in terrain. Turning to extremely hard-packed dirt, the corners here become more like wallrides than berms. Providing an all-round better experience than the dry and loose peak of the mountain.

Riding the perfect switchbacks on the kosciuszko Flow Trail at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

Following the tight switchbacks and after completing yet another lot of corners, a bridge will lift you up and over the Cannonball Run before sending you into the fastest section of the Flow Trail.

Essentially a long straight across the mountain boasting more than one awesome kicker. Small changes in direction are needed over these jumps, making this is a great time to practice squashing and keeping your bike grounded to maximise control.

Sending it down the fast straight on the kosciuszko Flow Trail at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

Even the slightest variance off the trail will put you online for an extremely freaky experience (life flashing before your eyes kind of moment), and create serious issues in stopping.

Trust me, I managed to end up on the grass – flying vertically down the mountain – on several occasions… Surprisingly not killing myself!

Ski runs feel a lot steeper when you’re on a bike!

Lower Flow Trail

After this burst of adrenaline, the Flow Trail continues winding down the mountain. Pushing through more excellent berms and straight sections until reaching the final stage.

Candace riding around a perferctly formed berm on the kosciuszko Flow Trail at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

Perhaps the most technical section is saved till last. A conjunction of tight corners rolling down the steep mountain-side are the reason for this. Not to mention the sleek film of dirt covering hard-packed clay that creates an unforgivable surface when mistakes are made, but ensures an exciting and unpredictable finish to the Kosciuszko Flow Trail.

Riding around the loose concluding corners of the kosciuszko Flow Trail at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park


Unfortunately we have a lack of photo evidence in Snakes and Ladders and the middle section, caused by bike maintenance issues and Candace being a sook. So your imagination needs to be in full swing. If visual stimulants are needed, head back up to our youtube video and see how gnarly this run really is!

Time to put some hairs on that chest… or lose the hair on your head due to the monstrous amount of stress the Cannonball will force upon you.

You’re about to tackle Australia’s most daunting downhill run.

Beginning along the same crazy loose gravel road as the Kosciuszko Flow Trail, this time we encourage – no DEMAND – you to send it! Launching straight over the scary but perfect gap, there’s no turning back.

The narrow opening section may look daunting but for the advanced riders out there, no braking is required before gliding over the obnoxious tree root and powering off the cambered rock slab.

Absolutely capped myself when I gave it a crack!

As the fast single track fluently continues, several introductory rock gardens are brought into play, allowing a slight warm-up before this beast really kicks into gear.

Flying out into the open and smashing the small gaps, you’d better hope you and your bike are one for this next section.

Snakes and Ladders

Creeping over the large boulder and sliding down a face of rough rock will take whatever nerve you have and shove it back down your throat.

Here lies the reason why we all know Cannonball as Australia’s best Downhill Run.

Funnelling down through Snakes and Ladders, bouncing off seriously jagged rocks while dodging the constrictive tree line is only the half of it. Arm pump, jelly legs and punctures are of highest concern…


Line choice is of utmost importance for speed, bike reliability and personal health!

Cannonball Middle Section

After attacking this unworldly rocky and insane section, you’ll find yourself gliding on a high open field. This leads to the fastest straight descent at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park.

And boy do you need it!

A colossal gap is awaiting your arrival, featuring three different kickers. Beginning from the left, the biggest of all is a hip styled take off. Stretching a whopping 10 m in length, this is the largest jump on the mountain. The middle kicker – while still no baby – is nothing compared to this monster. Last but not least the right line, a gradual and small tabletop jump which can be rolled if desired.

Cutting velocity fast is important after soaring over the gap, as another quick succession of hairpin corners are approaching. Another terribly technical minute or so of riding through slippery tree roots and tight berms are the obstacles you need to conquer this time.

Cannonball Lower Section

By now you will be completely rooted! I’m breathing heavily writing this damn thing. But don’t fret, the trail widens once again and now, only open lines over a playful conclusion stand between you and finishing Australia’s toughest run.

Jumping into a rock garden on the lower section of the Cannonball Run at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

Yeah right… tame until reaching by far the stand out feature in Thredbo Mountain Bike Park – THE GOPRO WALL RIDE. Entering this gem at 50+km/h, you can feel the G-force increase while zipping around it.

Sending it around the massive GoPro Wall Ride on the Cannonball Run at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

Alright, this probably goes without saying, but when you come into a wallride, lean with the wall. Setting yourself up perpendicular to the wallride at whatever angle is required. (as in the above photo)

Apparently not for Candace!

She decided to attempt her first proper wallride here… on what is most undoubtedly the largest one in Australia.

Who knows, maybe she was carried away in the moment of nearly completing Australia’s most hectic run… Well, part of. Or maybe she was hypnotised by the massive GoPro advertisement.

Whatever it was it ended badly!

After not leaning into the wallride at all (WTF!?) her tyres slid from underneath her, causing a brutal face plat into the GoPro insignia. Resulting in a hilarious slide on her butt before coming to an embarrassing halt.

Candace covered in dirt after sliding out while trying to send the famous Wall Ride at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

Luckily the bike sustained no damage and I was able to continue riding down the hill… Ahh don’t worry, I may be inconsiderate but I’m not a jerk.

After rushing back up and making sure Candace was in one piece, she crawled her way down the remainder of the run.

After slamming the berms and launching the finishing jump line, you’ll be able to look back in awe at the incredible task you have just accomplished…

Cannonball Run – CHECK!

All-Mountain Trail

This trail encompasses the most picturesque landscape Thredbo MTB Park has to offer. Perhaps on par with the best scenic rides around the entire world.

It’s not just about looks though. With 10km of unique terrain, the All-Mountain Trail is the most versatile gravity run at Thredbo. It’s also the least tracked out of the three, making it the smoothest ride of all.

Instead of sending it down the loose gravel road again, take a right at Eagle’s Nest Restaurant and follow the trail signs up the mountain.

Upper All-Mountain

At the peak, the Upper All-Mountain Trail is a dry, steady singletrack littered with rocks. Creating a slow-moving, picturesque ride.

It requires pedalling in stages and provides amazing views of the Kosciuszko National Park.

Generally, the conditions are especially cold, windy and dry. At most times of the mountain biking season, snow gathers after extreme weather.

Flat section at the peak of the Upper All Mountain Trail at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

Upon riding the first level section, this almost cross-country styled ride takes a turn for the better and becomes more gravity focused. While still riding through much similar terrain to the above mentioned, some added bonuses are thrown in the mix.

The trail has been built in co-existence of massive boulders and directs you in and around their huge stature. These natural wonders create an unforgettable experience.

Squeezing the the massive rock chute on the Upper All Mountain Trail at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

Lower All-Mountain

From here the run meets the top of the Gunbarrel Express chairlift and turns into a completely different trail.

Commencing in the open, this run quickly reverts to tight lines maneuvering through dense forestry. Somewhat similar to the Cannonball’s midsection without the ferocious nature.

Sending it off the huge rock drop on the Lower All mountain Trail at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

Small rock gardens and root littered corners make this a rather technical ride, one in which speed is difficult to maintain. Although with a little leg power you should have no drama.

Flying through the tight rocky lines on the Lower All Mountain Trail at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

Tight switchbacks snake through the dusty tree lines with several log and rock kickers scattered throughout, allowing for an utmost enjoyable ride.

Continuing along with this style for several kilometres, this run concludes in a grand fashion.

I don’t know how anyone riding the All Mountain Trail could dislike it. An absolute beauty and something you can’t experience every day in Australia.

Winding down through the neat berms on the Lower All Mountain Trail at Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

There you have it Ladies and Gentlemen, Thredbo Mountain Bike Park in a nutshell. Our absolute favourite destination for the magic trio – Mountain Biking, Snowboarding and Camping!

If we had to decide on a combined favourite it would be the All Mountain Trail. The diversity is unbelievable and unrivalled by Thredbo’s other gravity runs.

Although, my favourite would be the Cannonball. I’ll admit it, I’m as mad as a cut snake.

Bike And Gear Hire

Thredbo MTB Park not only provides pristine gravity tracks, but they also supply top quality bike and gear rental. Every year, upgraded Norco bikes are available to the public for hire along with your choice in protection.

The Bikes

  • Downhill – Norco Aurum
  • Enduro – Norco Range
  • Hardtail – Norco Fluid
  • E-bike – Norco Sight VLT & Fluid VLT

The Gear

  • Full Face Helmet
  • Full Body Armour
  • Elbow Pads
  • Knee Pads

Gloves and Goggles aren’t available for rent due to health risks. These items aren’t essential, however, I highly recommend them. Both are available for purchase in Thredbo’s Valley Terminal Store.

Where to stay in Thredbo

Thredbo Village is pretty well based around accommodation for travellers, so finding a bed to sleep in is a piece of cake.

Everything from private chalets, hotels, rental houses, budget lodges (although I don’t consider Thredbo a ‘budget’ holiday destination) and free camping can be found.

Jindabyne is another option for travellers looking to save a bit of money on lodging. Located only half an hour East of the resort, only a short drive is required each day to ride.

Use, Airbnb, and Thredbo Resort to find your perfect accommodation.

Where to Eat in Thredbo

It’s a mountain bike park… Thredbo has your belly covered!

There is plenty of restaraunts and bars to grab dinner and beers after a massive day riding, and our favourites are:

If you’re cooking for yourself, DON’T get groceries in Thredbo… you’ll be left bankrupt after paying the bill! Complete all of your shopping beforehand in Woolworths at Jindabyne.

How to get to Thredbo MTB Park

Thredbo MTB Park is located in the Kosciuszko National Park, 213 km south-west of Canberra and 494 km south-west of Sydney.

From Jindabyne, follow Alpine Rd west 35 km as it winds through the beautiful forest and around the rolling mountainside. Continuing straight on Alpine Rd will see you at the doorstep of Thredbo Resort in roughly half an hour.

So when you get down to Thredbo and check out this marvellous MTB bike park, be sure to get in touch with us or comment on your experience in the section below!

We look forward to hearing from all of you!

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