Fox Proframe Helmet Review | From One Amateur To Another

Entering this epic and unrivalled sport, I had no idea my desire to build fitness would turn into a passion I couldn’t shake. Casually riding on the weekends with mates and my dearly beloved Candace was great, but I needed more. And in turn, so did my noggin.

Dylan falling at Taree in his 20 dollar K-mart helmet before upgrading to the Fox Profram Helmet

This meant an upgrade from the $20 K-mart helmet was much needed!

And so I was introduced to the Fox Proframe…

I’ll begin with how shocked I was by the comfort levels of this helmet. Growing up riding motocross and pretty well living in a full-face helmet, I was blown away by the feel of the Fox Proframe. The ultra-lightweight and well ventilated construction had exceeded all expectations! Yet this simultaneously created some unnerve. Surely something this light can’t protect one’s beautiful head in the event of a major calamity… can it?

Read on to find out.

Whipping over a big hip jump in Tuggeranong Pines wearing my Fox Proframe helmet

Fox Proframe’s Unrivaled Ventilation

The Fox Proframe tops the list for ventilation.

Featuring a total of 24 big bore vents – 15 designed for intake and 9 for exhaust – it’s no wonder Fox claims to be unrivalled in breathability. I have personally put this helmet to the test, riding in many different climates such as; extreme heat, high humidity, wet conditions and alpine regions (we may be in Australia but it still gets F*&%ing cold).

The Proframe ventilation has surpassed my expectations in all of the above listed conditions. Especially in extreme heat, where I suffer severely. Let it be common knowledge that I’m an avid sweater, and using the wrong helmet in any case of intense activity increases my discomfort dramatically.

Riding with the Fox Proframe throughout a year of harsh environments has given me no choice but to compare the level of ventilation almost to that of an open face helmet. Leaving me with…


Dylan Jumping At Ourimbah in the Fox Proframe Helmet with his google around his neck really shows how open the peak is

Protection Of The Fox Proframe Helmet

At first, I was far from comfortable with the lightweight design of the Fox Proframe. And by no means was I expecting such a solid lid. The MIPS impact protection system reduces multi-directional forces excellently. Combine that with a dual density Varizorb EPS protection liner and the patent pending chin bar, and you’ll be fitted with state of the art impact technology…

Understand? Don’t worry… neither do I.

Technical words are great and may sound impressive, but unless you designed the technology, those words could mean nothing. So the question remains…

Is the Fox Proframe tough?

In short, YES. The ultra-lightweight Fox Proframe can hold its own against competing helmets. I have tested this theory by crashing a couple of times – fine, way more than a couple – leaving only scratches on the stylish matte black finish as evidence.

That is until my last Gravity Enduro event… I clipped a tree metres before a rock garden, causing the bike to send me on a backwards trajectory into a world of pain. Managing to land directly on the back of my head, the Proframe took the brunt of the fall and that was the end of my beloved helmet. Surprisingly enough, only a few small dents were the result of this crash (in the helmet, not my head luckily) but enough to warrant a replacement. Better to be on the safe side right?

Fox Proframe Helmet Review Close Up Image Of Scratches On The Helmet

I was able to get up and ride the remainder of my run concussion free, finishing covered in blood. Remember, the helmet can only protect your head!

After a year of punishment, it took an almighty blow to end the reign that was my Fox Proframe Helmet. One that would’ve seen me replacing any helmet under the same circumstance.

Another stunning pass in my books.

Clearing the huge step-down on Terranova in Tuggeranong Pine

Fox Proframe Helmet Weight

I have mentioned ‘ultra-lightweight’ several times throughout this post. But exactly how light is it?

Weighing in at 756g (medium), the Fox Proframe is astonishing!

Compared with other bulky helmets in the same category – most coming in at over 1000g – it’s safe to say the Proframe is an outright winner for the lightest downhill rated lid on the market. Almost completely unnoticeable when you throw it on and definitely unnoticeable when you are powering down the mountain. Such a light design leaves no neck fatigue and allows complete comfort even on the longest of Enduro rides.

Slicing ever so tightly past the tight trees in Tuggeranong Pines mtb Park in Canberra

How Does The Fox Proframe Helmet Feel

The nature of the Proframe’s light weight and well ventilated design can mean only one thing.

It’s bloody comfortable!

Feeling like no other full face lid I’ve tried before, the Fox Proframe is a game changer. If it wasn’t for literally seeing the visor and chin bar, I’d swear I was wearing an open face. Seriously, the internal padding replicates the freedom and comfort of a regular helmet.

Another big plus for comfort on the Proframe is the interchangeable internal padding I just mentioned. Larger inserts are supplied on purchase and can be installed if the helmet fit is sloppy.

Bringing me to my one and only gripe with the Fox Proframe. My chubby cheeks proved to be too fat for the larger pads but not bloated enough for the smaller ones. Leaving me with no other option than to run a slightly loose setup.

I personally can’t rate this topic as highly as the others. But apparently I have a weirdly shaped head, whereas you may not. Best advice on the matter is to try before you buy.

Railing a rocky berm at Tuggeranong Pines while mountain biking in Canberra in my Fox Proframe Helmet

The Proframe’s Unique Style

The look of the Fox Proframe is incredible, perfectly sleek curves partnered with a desirable matte finish makes the design of this helmet pop…

Sorry, I got a little carried away there.

While I would hate to think that this would be the deciding factor on whether to buy the Proframe or not, we cannot go past our human nature in wanting to look good.

Or in my instance – “If you can’t do something well, you may as well look good doing it!”

Anyway, back to the important stuff.

The somewhat aggressive look of the Proframe is very appealing. Featuring square cut holes and sharp edges, a streamline and frankly mean look is provided. And I like it! The visor is fixed in position – allowing no adjustment what so ever – and the positioning is well placed. A wide open face allows for most types of mountain biking goggles and provides an unobstructed view (I installed my GoPro on the underside of the visor and still had no vision impairment).

Last but not least, securing the Proframe to your noggin is the Fidlock SNAP helmet buckle. A quick latching system that uses magnetic closure provides maximum security in minimum time.

Close Up of Dylan At Ourimbah racing in the Fox Proframe Helmet with Gopro Hero 7 attached under the visor


The Fox Proframe will set you back around 300-360 AUD (not in the Black Friday sales though! I managed to snuffle one up cheap as chips). Great value for the superb construction, offering the greatest ventilation along with Downhill certification. You will struggle to find a comparable helmet at this reasonable price tag.

The Take Away Of The Fox Proframe Helmet

The Fox Proframe is undoubtedly a top contender for the best full face mountain bike helmet. Owning the best of a number of staggering features and coming in at a very reasonable price, Fox really have outdone themselves this time!

Did I like the helmet? YES

Would I recommend the helmet? YES

Did I feel safe in the helmet? YES

Would I buy the helmet again? YES

Did I buy the helmet again? NO

Ok… Wait, what!?

As much as I loved the Fox Proframe Helmet, it was the first helmet I’ve tried… Heck, it was the only mountain bike specific full face lid that had ever been on my stunning head. So I decided to start my search in finding the best downhill mountain bike helmet.

Walking up the downhill runs in Glenrock Mountain Bike trails while Newcastle mountain Biking

I decided to purchase the 7idp M1 helmet for no other reason than the price tag. Coming in at 200 AUD I could not resist. Keep posted for my review of this bad boy after putting it through the wringer in ThredboBlue Derby and Maydena!

What helmet are you running?

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