Unmissable Day Tours From Hobart | A Local’s Inside Perspective

Tasmania is an island full of natural wonders, quirky wildlife and sensational local produce. It’s a place where you can lose yourself in vivid rainforests one moment and dramatic coastlines the next. And the ability to explore a myriad of these iconic destinations on day tours from Hobart adds to Tasmania’s captivating allure and accessibility.

Whether you want to witness Tasman Peninsula’s colossal seacliffs, immerse yourself deep within the rugged wilderness of Cradle Mountain, or indulge in the best local produce on Bruny Island, it’s all possible on an effortless day tour from Hobart.

We’ve spent the last three years exploring every inch of Tasmania (almost) and pride ourselves on being quite the experts on this beautiful island state. Which also makes us well aware of the challenge of selecting just one or two Hobart day tours when there is so much to see and experience!

That is why we have compiled the ultimate list of best day tours from Hobart. Our detailed guide includes valuable information about each destination, helping you make an informed decision on the best tour and location for you.

The Freycinet Paddle at Sunset, one of the best things to do in freycinet

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Best Day Tours From Hobart

In this guide to the best Hobart day tours, you’ll find our top 8 suggested destinations that are a must when you visit Tasmania. Within these destinations, we’ve included a brief explanation of the location and the best day tours from Hobart for a range of travelling styles.

Bruny Island Tours

Bruny Island Isthmus on a day tour from Hobart

Bruny Island, located to the south of Hobart and accessible only by boat, is a haven for adventurers, nature lovers and foodies. The allure of Bruny Island lies within the sensational local produce, distinctive and rugged coastline, and abundance of wildlife – including the elusive albino wallaby!

If you’re seeking the perfect blend between relaxation, nature and indulgence, then Bruny Island is the ultimate destination for you! We highly recommend a visit to Bruny Island Beer and Cheese Co – which is included in our top suggested tour below.

Bruny Island Food, Lighthouse & Sightseeing Tour

Price: from $230 AUD
Duration: 10 hours
Eco-tour: No
Rating: 4.8/5
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The Bruny Island Food, Lighthouse & Sightseeing Tour encompasses all the best bits of Bruny Island in a full-day tour that hits all the senses. The all-inclusive tour allows you to indulge in freshly shucked oysters, wood oven bread, locally made cheese, honey and chocolate. And there’s lunch on top of that too!

To ensure you don’t roll back onto the bus, you’ll also enjoy a guided tour of Cape Bruny Lighthouse and visit Adventure Bay, Cape Bruny and The Neck. While this is more of an indulging and relaxing tour, it might be just the thing to break up the adventurous activities you’ll experience on other Hobart day tours.


Bruny Island Nature and Tasting Active Day Tour

Price: from $135 AUD
Duration: 10 hours
Eco-tour: No
Rating: 4/5
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Beautiful beach on a Bruny Island Tour in Tasmania
Image sourced from Viator

If you’re searching for more nature on your Bruny Island tour, then check out the Bruny Island Nature and Tasting Active Day Tour. You’ll begin with a 2-hour walk along the Cape Queen Elizabeth Track, admiring the unique coastal rock formations and views across to Adventure Bay, before visiting The Neck – a slender isthmus connecting north and south Bruny.

While this tour isn’t as comprehensive as the one above and doesn’t include a visit to Cape Bruny Lighthouse, you’ll still have some time to enjoy local produce tasting of chocolate, honey, cheese and oysters – though some extra costs may apply.

Maria Island Tours

Eerily beautiful gum trees overhanging the road into Darlington on Maria Island Tasmania

Located off Tasmania’s east coast, Maria Island is a mountainous island with an alluring blend of rich history, wildlife and extraordinary natural features such as the Painted Cliffs and Fossil Cliffs.

With no access to vehicles, there is a wonderfully relaxed and primal atmosphere within Maria Island found nowhere else in Tasmania. If we had to choose between Maria Island and Bruny Island, we would definitely pick Maria Island for its distinctive landscape, unique experience and the droves of adorable wombats!

Maria Island Cruise & History Tour

Price: from $295 AUD
Duration: 11 hours
Eco-tour: No
Rating: 5/5
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Maria Island Cruise, one of the best day tours from Hobart
Image sourced from Get Your Guide

If you want to see more than the iconic Painted Cliffs and Fossil Cliffs, you have to check out the Maria Island Cruise & History Tour. On this day tour from Hobart, you’ll board a boat at Triabunna and cruise around Maria Island, seeing the fascinating sea caves and coastal waterfalls from a new perspective before stopping in at the secluded Riedle and Shoal Bay at Maria Island’s isthmus for lunch.

Afterwards, you’ll dock at Darlington for a guided tour of the historic convict buildings and learn about the very interesting and diverse history of the island town. One of the best parts about the tour through the old buildings is meeting the new resident wombats.

Maria Island Active Day Tour

Price: from $170 AUD
Duration: 12 hours
Eco-tour: No
Rating: 5/5
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Historic old Penitentiary Building which provides means of accommodation on Maria Island Tasmania

The Maria Island Active Day Tour is the perfect choice if you want to explore the island on foot while learning about the captivating history from your knowledgeable guide. This tour follows the most popular itinerary for a single-day visit.

After catching the passenger ferry from Triabunna, you’ll walk past the historic convict buildings on your way to Fossil Cliffs. These cliffs showcase ancient shell fossils that adorn the exposed sea cliff. Afterwards, you’ll return through Darlington and continue onto the Painted Cliffs.

Walking through the spectacular Painted Cliffs on Maria Island Tasmania while the surf was small and low tide

The Painted Cliffs are a natural wonder of sandstone formations with vivid swirling patterns in shades of orange, yellow and red. The remarkable patterns are formed by the groundwater seeping through the sandstone and staining the rock. 

Once you’ve finished exploring the Painted Cliffs, you’ll have plenty of time to swim in one of the translucent bays or simply relax on the fine white sand before it’s time to return to Hobart.

Note: There are no shops on Maria Island, and this tour does not provide lunch. Therefore, it is necessary for you to bring your own packed lunch for the tour.

Freycinet National Park Tours

Searching for hidden coves along the North Coast of Freycinet National Park

One of our absolute favourite places in Tasmania is Freycinet National Park. Home to the famous Wineglass Bay, this is a destination that will leave you breathless from the moment you drive onto the peninsula and witness the dramatic coastline of azure blue water and pink granite mountains.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many day tours from Hobart for the Freycinet Peninsula, but that shouldn’t stop you from considering this incredible destination.

Wineglass Bay Active Day Tour

Price: from $130 AUD
Duration: 11 hours
Eco-tour: No
Rating: 4.6/5
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Wineglass Bay Lookout, one of the best things to do in Freycinet National Park

A tour to Freycinet National Park will almost always include the easy yet iconic Wineglass Bay circuit, but on this active tour, you have the option to continue down the notorious steps to the fine white sanded beach of Wineglass Bay and enjoy a swim in the translucent turquoise water. But if 1,000 steps sound like too much of a mission, you can opt for the more languid exploration of Honeymoon Bay, Sleepy Bay Lookout and Cape Tourville Lighthouse. 

After 4 hours at Freycinet National Park, you’ll begin the journey back to Hobart, stopping in for a cheeky visit to the Devil’s Corner Winery for an optional wine tasting and a chance to taste the best wood-fire pizzas on the east coast!

Can’t choose between Maria Island
or Freycinet National Park?

Well then, do both on this incredible half-day scenic flight tour! You’ll witness a birds-eye view of Freycinet Peninsula’s breathtaking coastline before flying by the Ile Des Phoques seal colony on your way to Maria Island.

Land on Maria Island and explore the Fossil Cliffs and wander beneath ancient white and blue gums while your guide prepares you a sumptuous lunch of fresh local seafood paired with Tasmanian wine.

Wineglass Bay & Maria Island Scenic Flight

Price: from $499 AUD
Duration: 3 hours
Eco-tour: No
Rating: 4.9/5
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Freycinet and Maria Island Scenic Flight Tour from Hobart Tasmania
Image sourced from Get Your Guide

Southwest Tasmania Day Tours

The southwest of Tasmania is unlike anywhere else in Australia. Largely untouched by humans, it’s a landscape of rugged mountains and thriving ancient forests bordering a remote and magnificent coastline.

Hiking Mt Eliza, on of the best hikes in Tasmania

This is a destination not to be missed if you want to see some truly majestic landscapes and indulge in a bucket list worthy day tour of luxury and adventure. Due to its remote location, there is only one way to experience the depths of the southwest on a day tour from Hobart and that’s to fly.

Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area Day Tour

Price: from $649 AUD
Duration: 8 hours
Eco-tour: Yes
Rating: 5/5 (on Tripadvisor)
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Sunset over The Needles mountain range from the summit

This is the ultimate day tour from Hobart that will leave you speechless. While it does cost a pretty penny, it’s all worth it to be immersed in a landscape that generally takes days of walking to reach – trust us, we know!

On the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area Day Tour, you’ll begin with a 50-minute scenic flight on a fixed-wing plane that flies over the southernmost tip of Australia and into the wild southwest wilderness to land in Melaleuca. From here, you’ll board a boat and cruise into Bathurst Harbour where you’ll take a short walk through the ancient landscape.

After a deliciously prepared lunch of local produce and Tasmanian wine, you’ll cruise back to Malaleuca for an immersive Needwonnee Aboriginal Walk before returning to Hobart on another 50-minute scenic flight.

Tasman Peninsula Tours

Hiking to the Cape Huay Lookout on the Tasman Peninsula

The Tasman Peninsula is famous for its colossal dolerite sea cliffs – the tallest in the southern hemisphere – and the Port Arthur Historic Site. It’s home to the Three Capes Track, one of the most iconic multi-day walks in Australia, and plenty of other short walks that highlight the unique rock formations and the wild coastline.

The peninsula is a must-visit destination for history buffs and nature enthusiasts alike, with a range of tours that include both Port Arthur and explorations of the dominating sea cliffs. But our favourite tour – which is at the top of our bucket list – is the Tasman Peninsula Kayaking tour.

Tasman Peninsula Kayaking Tour

Price: from $260 AUD
Duration: 10 hours
Eco-tour: Yes
Rating: 5/5
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Kayaking on the Tasman Peninsula with seals surround kayaks
Image sourced from Viator
Kayaking on a day tour in the Tasman Peninsula
Image sourced from Viator

There is no better way to understand the sheer size of the dolerite sea cliffs than on a kayaking trip around the Tasman Peninsula! This tour takes you on a journey to Cape Hauy, where you can marvel at the gravity-defying columns, paddle over a partially submerged shipwreck, and enjoy the company of cheeky fur seals.

Dolphins and sea eagles are also among the abundance of wildlife you’ll likely encounter on this kayaking trip, and the tour includes a gourmet picnic lunch enjoyed in a secluded cove. While kayaking experience isn’t necessarily required, you will need a good level of fitness to paddle at a steady pace for 5 hours – with plenty of breaks for photos and snacks.

Tasman Peninsula Tour, Cruise & Port Arthur Historic Site

Price: from $280 AUD
Duration: 10.5 hours
Eco-tour: Yes
Rating: 4.9/5
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Ruins of the old Penitentiary in Port Arthur

The most popular Tasman Peninsula tour is with the renowned Pennicott Wilderness Journeys. On this full-day, all-inclusive tour from Hobart, you’ll embark on an eco-friendly and award-winning 3-hour wilderness cruise around the towering sea cliffs, sidling up close to tumbling waterfalls and enormous sea caves.

Afterwards, you’ll have another 3 hours to wander the grounds of the historic Port Arthur site, with the chance to jump on an included guided tour to learn more about the rich history. There is barely any walking involved in this tour – except for wandering the grounds of Port Arthur – making this an ideal option if you’re searching for a relaxing day tour.

Tours To Cradle Mountain

Epic rainbow over the boat shed on Dove Lake in Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Cradle Mountain is one of the most popular destinations in Tasmania and it’s easy to see why once you’re standing at the edge of Dove Lake, looking up at the iconic shape of Cradle Mountain’s summit.

On the downside, reaching Cradle Mountain from Hobart requires a lengthy 4.5-hour drive. Therefore, it isn’t our top recommendation for Hobart day tours. Nevertheless, if you’re eager to explore the remarkable ancient glacial landscape, then you’re in luck!

Cradle Mountain Full-Day Tour

Price: from $230 AUD
Duration: 15 hours
Eco-tour: No
Rating: 5/5
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Cradle Mountain Summit from Marion's Lookout on a perfect blue bird day

The Cradle Mountain Full Day Tour is a must for avid adventurers dying to explore the captivating landscape with ample time for hiking.

You’ll leave bright and early for this full-day tour from Hobart, stopping in the beautiful town of Deloraine for breakfast (not included), and arriving in Cradle Mountain with 4 hours of free time to choose whichever trail you want. After you’ve finished exploring the magnificent Cradle Mountain, you’ll return to Hobart, stopping in at Deloraine again for dinner.

While this isn’t a guided walking tour, your driver will provide you with all the knowledge needed to choose the best hiking trail for you – and if you need additional information you can check out our detailed guide to the best day walks in Cradle Mountain!

Day Tours To Mount Field National Park

If you’re keen on immersing yourself in some of the most iconic forests found in Tasmania – without too much effort – then you won’t beat Mt Field National Park.

Walking the Tarn Shelf hike while completing the Rodway Range Circuit in Mt Field National Park

Mount Field is one of the closest national parks to Hobart and a favourite of ours for its stunning waterfalls, especially Russell Falls, and enchanting rainforests. But the best part about taking a day tour to Mount Field is that it often includes various other attractions along the way, such as Mt Wellington and the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.

Mount Field National Park, Bonorong and Mt Wellington Day Tour

Price: from $150 AUD
Duration: 11 hours
Eco-tour: No
Rating: 4.5/5
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Russel Falls on the Three Falls Walk, one of the best things to do in Mt Field National Park

For the best experience of Mt Field National Park, you can’t beat the Mt Field, Bonorong and Mt Wellington Day Tour. It is the only tour that we have managed to find that allows you enough time to complete the full Three Falls and Tall Trees Circuit, as well as visit Lake Dobson to witness the endemic Pandani on the Pandani Grove loop.

Not only that, but you’ll also get to hand feed wallabies and experience the manic of a Tasmanian Devil feeding at the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, before ending the epic day with sweeping views of Hobart from the top of Mt Wellington.

Huon Valley Tours

Walking on the boardwalks to Hastings Caves on a day tour from Hobart

If you’re seeking something out of the ordinary, we have the perfect suggestion for you! The Huon Valley, located in southern Tasmania, is famously known as the ‘apple Isle’. However, it’s also home to the largest dolomite cave in Australia open to tourists and an immersive treetop experience deep within a forest of huon pine.

On the flip side, if you’re searching for a fun day out with plenty of delicious brews, then the Huon Valley is still the place to be.

Tahune Airwalk & Hastings Caves Active Day Tour From Hobart

Price: from $170 AUD
Duration: 10 hours
Eco-tour: No
Rating: 5/5
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Interesting formations of Hastings Caves lit up in orange and blue lights
Stalactite and Stalagmite nearly touching after many years of cave formation

The Tahune Airwalk and Hastings Caves tour is one for the adventurous, where you’ll wander along a suspended walkway 30 m above the valley floor before descending 40 m beneath the earth into Australia’s largest accessible dolomite cave.

The Tahune Airwalk takes you on a suspended walkway that winds through a forest of majestic giants. At the end, you’ll walk to a 50 m tall cantilevered platform that offers breathtaking views of distant mountains and the Huon and Picton Rivers.

The Hastings Caves tour is next, where you’ll join a guided tour leading deep into Newdegate Cave to explore the chambers and interesting formations that began forming 60 million years ago.

Afterwards, you’ll have the chance to soak in a thermal springs pool and test the waters at the source of the hot springs. And on your return to Hobart, you’ll stop at the seasonal roadside stalls for fresh berries, apples, cherries, honey or ice cream.

Huon Valley Wine, Cider, Beer, and Whiskey Tour

Price: from $229 AUD
Duration: 8 hours
Eco-tour: No
Rating: 4.9/5
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Tasting Platter and Cider tastings at Willie Smiths Apple Shed

Leave the worry of picking a designated driver behind and enjoy the bliss of being chauffeured around to the best wineries, breweries and whiskey distilleries in the Huon Valley and Hobart!

The Huon Valley Wine, Cider, Beer and Whiskey Tour begins with a visit to Home Hill Winery where you can taste their award-winning wines and wander the beautiful vineyards. Afterwards, you’ll get to compare ciders from the Pagan Cider cellar door and Willie Smith’s Apple Shed, enjoying lunch at the latter – if you can fit it in, we highly recommend the apple pie at Willie Smith, it is the best we’ve ever tasted!

And finally, you’ll return to Hobart to visit the quirky Hobart Brewing Co and end the afternoon at Spring Bay Distillery or Charles Reuben Estate – both well-known for their incredible gin and whiskey.

All tastings are included in the price of the tour, however, lunch is at an additional cost.

Final Thoughts

Hiking along the board walks on the Enchanted Forest trail on a Cradle Mountain Day Tour from Hobart

No matter which Hobart day tour or destination you choose, we’re sure you’ll have the best time exploring the stunning forests, picturesque countryside, and breathtaking coastlines near Hobart. Keep in mind that some tours are seasonal and others require a minimum number of guests. Before making your final decision, we suggest checking the terms and conditions of your chosen tour.

We hope you found this guide on the best day tours from Hobart helpful. We’d love to hear your thoughts and questions in the comments below. And If you’ve experienced any of the mentioned tours or if you’d like to recommend your favourite Hobart tour, feel free to share!

Happy Adventuring 🙂