Bombora Medewi Review | A Little Slice Of Paradise In Bali

Bombora Medewi is a vibrant and luxurious resort tucked into the folds of the beautiful coastal town of Medewi in Bali’s northwest. But while luxurious, you’ll be surprised to find that you don’t need to pay a fortune to enjoy this hidden seaside gem.

We recently chose to stay at Bombora Medewi on our 2-month trip in Bali and can honestly say it was one of our favourite places we stayed. From the moment we arrived, we were blown away by the stunning surroundings and warm hospitality of the staff.

After spending a week at Bombora Medewi, we can confidently say that this place is without a doubt worth your time. It offers the perfect base to explore the lesser-known coastal village and you seriously couldn’t get any closer to the epic surf break if you tried!

In this post, we’ll cover every aspect of the Bombora Wave Lodge – shining a light on our favourite and not-so-favourite parts. Plus, we’ll share how to get the best deals for your stay and what to expect from Bombora Medewi. 

Beautiful sunset over Bombora Medewi while we ate dinner in Lefty's Restaurant

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Note: This was not a gifted stay, we simply loved our time here and felt that sharing our experience would be helpful for travellers planning to visit Medewi.

Everything You Need To Know About Staying At The Bombora Medewi

Why We Chose To Stay At Bombora Medewi

When we began planning our Bali trip, one of our top priorities was to spend some time away from the hordes of tourists who frequent popular destinations like Ubud and Canggu.

Our search led us to Medewi, an unspoiled paradise on Bali’s pristine west coast that promised laid-back vibes and the island’s longest left hand break that’s suitable for intermediate surfers.

Surfing at South Point in Medewi, Bali's longest left hand point break

For our stay, our main goal was to find accommodation close to the action. We wanted to be within walking distance of the beach and some of the other awesome things to do in Medewi. Furthermore, we wanted to choose somewhere that made conscious sustainability efforts.

We read countless reviews, debating whether it was worth paying a slightly higher price than our usual budget to stay at Bombora. After all our research, we decided that the pros outweigh the cons – plus we found an incredible deal on – and booked 6 nights at this beautiful oceanfront resort in Medewi.

What We Liked About Bombora Medewi

  • The free breakfast selection was great
  • The restaurant had a wide range of good meals
  • Superb location
  • Great staff
  • The pool was amazing and boasted incredible ocean views
  • A peaceful and relaxing vibe was present from every traveller and staff member
  • The sunsets from the restaurant were breathtaking
  • Reliable Wifi
  • Sustainably conscious resort

What We Didn’t Like About Bombora Medewi

  • Laundry service was very expensive – The laundry service at Bombora charges per item rather than per kg. For basic items, it cost us 20,000 IDR. In contrast, the highest amount we paid in Bali, excluding Bombora, was 8,000 IDR for larger loads.
  • Our standard room was susceptible to noise thanks to the shutter windows – This was worse for us as we had the roadside room. While this is not a direct issue with Bombora, better soundproofing would greatly help in minimising the impact of the early morning prayers broadcasted over the mosque’s speakers at 4 am.
Sunbaking by the pool at Bombora Medewi

How Much Does It Cost To Stay At The Bombora Medewi Wave Lodge?

The Bombora Resort offers an array of different rooms that cater to a broad range of budgets, except for low-budget travellers.

As you would expect, the more you pay, the more you’ll receive for your room. We’ll cover the room inclusions below so that you’re armed with all the information to easily choose the correct room for you.

There is a slight price variation between peak and off-peak times. Below, we’ve included a list of the approximate prices for each room (without any discounts applied) as of March 2024.

Off-peak prices (October – May):

  • Bombora Standard – 1,360,000 IDR (136 AUD) per night
  • Bombora Beach Front Deluxe – 2,500,000 (250 AUD) per night
  • Bombora Beach Front Ocean Deluxe – 2,720,000 IDR (270 AUD) per night
  • Bombora Beach Front Ocean Suite – 4,000,000 IDR (400 AUD) per night
  • Bombora Residence – 8,000,000 IDR (800 AUD) per night

Peak prices (June – September):

  • Bombora Standard – 1,740,000 IDR (174 AUD) per night
  • Bombora Beach Front Deluxe – 2,740,000 (274 AUD) per night
  • Bombora Beach Front Ocean Deluxe – 3,100,000 IDR (310 AUD) per night
  • Bombora Beach Front Ocean Suite – 4,460,000 IDR (446 AUD) per night
  • Bombora Residence – 8,350,000 IDR (835 AUD) per night

*Prices as of March 2024

As we mentioned before, the prices above are without discounts. We recommend you avoid paying the full price per room. It is very common to find discounts of 30% or more and we’ll show you how to score these deals below.

Bombora Medewi and the surf on a blue sky day

How To Book Your Stay At Bombora Medewi

Bombora Medewi is listed on all of the major hotel booking platforms – such as, and Expedia. You can also book directly through the Bombora Bali website.

There isn’t a significant advantage in selecting one platform over another. However, we recommend comparing prices among them as you may occasionally find a better deal from a specific provider on certain dates.

We booked Bombora Medewi using and were able to score a huge discount of 46%, meaning we paid $72 AUD for the standard room instead of $136 AUD!

We always use as we love how the app keeps all of our bookings stored in one location. Plus, you can receive awesome discounts from being a member of the Genius program – which you automatically sign up to for free when you create an account.

To find the best deal, like we did, book well in advance and if possible, during the off-peak season. For early-bird discounts, we have found that is the most reliable source.

However, if you are planning a last-minute trip, we’ve found that booking directly will provide you with the best chance of scoring a killer deal. Just be aware that Bombora is a popular place to stay in Medewi and can book out well in advance.

What Does Your Stay At Bombora Wave Lodge Include?

Bombora Bali Resort rooms and ammenities

Bombora Medewi is a 4-star resort and offers all of the basic amenities you would expect from a hotel of this stature.

Here is a list of inclusions and optional extras that you’ll receive when you stay at Bombora Medewi:

  • Free drinking water is available at the bar – they will also refill your water bottles for your day trips
  • Free breakfast included
  • Each room has an exercise kit – this includes yoga mats and foam rollers
  • Towels provided for both your room and the pool
  • Kitchen room service – this comes at a small additional fee
  • All rooms are air-conditioned
  • Welcome drink
  • Small welcome fruit basket
  • Daily room cleaning – you can choose to defer this if you would like
  • Scooter hire – Bombora doesn’t own scooters for hire but will organise one to be delivered to the property for 80,000 IDR per day for a small size
  • A knowledgeable receptionist that can assist in all matters
  • 24-hour emergency assistance via WhatsApp
  • Laundry service – though this is quite expensive

Where Is The Bombora Hotel And How Do You Get There?

Bombora is located on prime real estate in Medewi. It sits at the furthest point of Jl. Pantai Medewi Rd, right on the edge of South Point – Medewi’s main surf break – and provides stunning views over the full expanse of Pulukan Beach.

Bombora Medewi is located 80 km northwest of Denpasar Airport, approximately a 2-hour drive. Please note that traffic can be heavy as you leave Denpasar and pass through popular tourist spots like Kuta or Canggu. In some cases, travel time may extend to 3 or 4 hours due to unfavourable traffic conditions.

If possible, we recommend travelling to Bombora Bali in the morning for the best chance of beating the traffic – this tip goes for all travel in Bali, not just Medewi. If your room isn’t ready, the team at Bombora will happily watch over your bags as you relax by the pool.

To reach Bombora, you have multiple options for arranging a driver. The price may differ slightly, but you can expect an airport transfer to range from 60,000 IDR to 90,000 IDR.

Here is a list of the best options to get to Bombora Medewi:

  • Arrange a driver through Bombora – This is the easiest but most expensive option
  • Use Gojek – Gojek is basically the Uber of Bali and provides transport options that range from scooters to large cars
  • Negotiate with a local taxi – There is no shortage of taxis at the airport and other popular places, though this method requires you to be familiar with haggling and have an understanding of a reasonable price
  • Book a driver through – If you’ve booked through, you can organise an airport transfer via your booking in the app

Note: Medewi is still relatively new to the tourist scene. This means that once you arrive in Medewi, using apps like or Gojek for transport won’t be possible due to the lack of drivers in the area. This can be an issue when leaving Bombora so we recommend organising a ride in advance or just leaving it up to Bombora to organise for you.

What To Expect From Your Stay At Bombora Medewi

The Rooms At Bombora

Bombora Standard

The large king bed in the standard room at Bombora Medewi
Bombora Standard Room

The standard room at Bombora Medewi is their most basic accommodation option with a floor space of 24㎡. Located on the ground floor of the resort, it provides a cosy place to sleep with a spacious private bathroom that’s perfect to freshen up after a big day at the beach.

We chose the standard room and thoroughly enjoyed our stay. It had ample space for our belongings and a comfortable king bed to sleep in. The only minor issue was that the noise from the road was quite loud due to the shutter-style windows. However, overall, the room was well-presented, kept clean, and provided a cosy stay for our week in Medewi.

Note: If you choose to stay in the standard room, we highly recommend you ask to have a room on the non-road side of the resort. This will help greatly with the noise from the traffic. name – Standard Double or Twin Room

Bombora Beach Front Deluxe

Bombora Beach Front Deluxe room at the Bombora Resort in Bali
Image sourced from

The Bombora Beach Front Deluxe takes size and comfort to the next level. With a spacious 44㎡, this option offers an even larger bathroom with a beautiful stone bathtub, a cosy indoor lounge area and a beautiful terrace with views over the ocean.

Along with more comfort, you will also gain access to a dedicated wi-fi, a personal iPad to check the surf conditions and enough space to use your exercise and yoga equipment indoors. 

The Beach Front Deluxe Rooms are situated on the ground floor and extend across the entire width of the resort. Additionally, the bathroom is positioned on the side facing the road, which aids in minimising any disturbances caused by road noise.

To be honest, we were extremely envious of these rooms and wanted to upgrade after taking a cheeky tour. However, we just couldn’t justify the extra cost. Nevertheless, we highly recommend considering it for the added comfort and luxury! name – Deluxe Double or Twin Room

Bombora Beach Front Ocean Deluxe

Bombora Beach Front Deluxe Ocean View room at Bombora Medewi
Image sourced from
Balcony on the Beach Front Deluxe Ocean View room at Bombora Medewi
Image sourced from

The Bombora Beach Front Ocean Deluxe rooms offer the exact same features as above – but with one small difference…

These rooms are located on the second floor of the resort, meaning your outdoor terrace becomes a balcony and boasts even better views of the surf and surrounding beaches. For just a slight price increase compared to the Deluxe rooms, you get the perfect setting to while away an afternoon soaking in the sun. name – Deluxe Double or Twin Room with Ocean View

Bombora Beach Front Ocean Suite

Large king bed in the Bombora Beach Front Ocean Suite in Medewi
Image sourced from

The Bombora Beach Front Suite is designed to suit families or two couples keen on saving a bit of cash. The suite offers more space, with an area covering 66㎡, and is equipped with extra beds and a larger balcony

If you are travelling with children or in a group of 4, this is the ideal choice and allows for plenty of space for 4. However, there is no need to choose this option if you’re travelling in a couple as the Beach Front Deluxe options are more than spacious enough.

Note: If you are in a group of 4 people, I recommend you contact the property before arrival to make arrangements for the bed configuration. name – Family Suite with Ocean View

Bombora Residence

The Bombora Residence is undoubtedly the Taj Mahal of Bombora Medewi. This fully equipped suite has everything you would expect from a luxury villa, with plenty of space to relax and your very own private pool that overlooks the ocean.

There is no denying that the Bombora Residence is amazing and if you want to splurge then you won’t be disappointed. However, it would be great if the Residence could accommodate larger groups as it currently only sleeps a maximum of 4 guests.

And yes, if you are wondering, this is where Kelly Slater stayed when he visited Medewi in 2020. name – Suite with Private Pool

Lefty’s Restaurant At Bombora Medewi

Enjoying an afternoon beer watching the surf from Bombora Medewi

So what about the food at Bombora Bali?

Lefty’s Restaurant and Bar caters to all of your in-house dining and they do a darn good job of creating delicious meals. They offer a selection of Western, Asian, and Indonesian cuisine – making sure there is something for everyone to enjoy.

While the prices at Lefty’s are considerably higher than you’ll find elsewhere in Medewi. For the quality of the food and the stunning setting right on the beach, we still think it provides decent value for money

Below is what you can expect from the food at Bombora Medewi.

Complimentary Breakfast At Bombora

Smoothie Bowl and coffee at Bombora Medewi
Smoothie Bowl, juice and coffee for our complimentary breakfast

For the complimentary breakfast at Bombora, you can select any one meal from the breakfast meal and pair this with both a barista-style coffee and freshly blended juice. 

In all honesty, the Breakfast at Bombora Medewi was one of the best we experienced during our 2-month journey on the incredible island of Bali. What truly impressed us was the wide variety of options available. Not to mention, we were delighted to receive both freshly crafted juice and a barista-style coffee.

The only thing we believe would make Bombora’s breakfast better is the addition of sourdough bread for the cooked breakfasts, because who doesn’t enjoy a delicious piece of avocado-covered sourdough?

All points aside, the breakfast at Bombora was definitely a highlight of our stay and these were our favourite bits:

  • Delicious coffee
  • Freshly prepared juice
  • Bircher Muesli
  • Smoothie Bowl

Main Menu At Lefty’s

Pizza at Lefty's Restaurant during sunset in Medewi
Nasi Campur and juice at Bombora Medewi

Throughout the rest of the day, you can purchase anything from the main menu at Lefty’s restaurant.

During our week at Bombora, we tried just about everything on the menu and were pleasantly surprised by the consistency of the meals and some truly delicious flavours.

Along with food, Bombora provides a wide selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for everyone to enjoy. They even had a selection of local craft beer, however, we recommend steering clear of this one. While it’s great to see local Bali craft beer hit the scene, our Kuri Kuri Pale Ale wasn’t much to write home about.

Our favourites from Bombora’s Lefty’s Restaurant menu were:

  • Wedges – absolutely delicious spices
  • Nasi Campur – for a local delight
  • Laksa

Other Great Places To Eat In Medewi

Lunch at Rasta Cafe in Medewi
Lunch at Rasta Cafe

While Bombora provides a great dining experience, we still recommend you get out of the hotel and try some other favourites in Medewi. Below we have listed our recommendations for places to eat in Medewi – other than Lefty’s Restaurant in Bombora.

The Pool

Walking along the infinity pool at Bombora Medewi in Bali

Perhaps the highlight of the entire resort is the beautiful infinity pool that offers sensational views out over South Medewi Point and the expanse of Pulukan Beach.

The pool itself is equipped with two large floating beds and comfortable poolside beds surrounding the edge. These provide ample space for the guests at Bombora.

Beach towels are provided for your use and you can enjoy the attentive service as you soak up the sun and spend a leisurely afternoon swimming and relaxing. The staff are also happy to deliver your lunch, drinks or snacks to your poolside position.

We loved the ambience surrounding the pool. The constant island music and relaxed atmosphere created an extremely chill vibe, which is ultimately why we loved Medewi so much.

The Location

Surfing south point in Medewi

If a prime location in Medewi is what you’re looking for, you won’t find anything better than Bombora Bali. The resort is situated on the south point of Pulukan Beach, directly in front of the famous surf break.

It also sets the perfect scene to relax for the day and provides the most remarkable spot to enjoy one of Bali’s amazing west coast sunsets in peace.

The Staff

Aside from the well-presented and relaxing resort, the most significant highlight of Bombora Medewi was the incredible staff.

At every point of the day, you will be greeted with smiles and an extremely friendly team that will do everything they can to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Their happy nature and polite service took Bombora to another level and we cannot thank them enough for making our stay even more enjoyable.

The Wifi

Being digital nomads, having reliable wifi is essential for our travels. We were pleased to receive fast and reliable wifi at Bombora Bali. We never had an issue while working on our website – which needs a fast upload speed to work efficiently.

The wifi was strong in all areas of the resort, allowing us to bounce between our room, the poolside and the restaurant to keep things fresh and the creative juices flowing!

Other Services

Bombora Medewi offers several other services to make your stay even more stress-free and enjoyable. These include:

  • Laundry service – though this is quite expensive
  • Airport transfers
  • The organisation of day trips
  • Organisation of scooter hire
  • Any local advice on things to do in the area
  • Surfboard storage
  • Overnight security
  • Massage Packages

Other Important Information About The Bombora Medewi Hotel

Sunbaking by the pool at Bombora Medewi

Is The Bombora Medewi Worth It?

The experience you will receive at Bombora Medewi is nothing short of brilliant. From the exceptional staff to the stunning location and top-notch facilities, choosing Bombora for accommodation in Medewi is an excellent decision.

How Long Should I Stay At The Bombora Hotel?

If you enjoy exploring new destinations and want to fully experience this lesser-known area of Bali, we highly recommend staying for a minimum of 3 nights at Bombora Medewi. This will give you plenty of time to relax at Bombora and also allow for exploration of the nearby attractions and the opportunity to surf the perfect left-hand point break.

We stayed at Bombora for 6 nights and honestly, we wish we had booked for longer. The surf was very consistent every morning and there were still several local restaurants that we didn’t get a chance to try.

Can I Hire A Surfboard At Bombora?

No, Bombora doesn’t offer surfboard hire facilities. However, there are plenty of small rental shops within walking distance where you can rent a surfboard.

If you plan on hiring a board for more than a day, Bombora offers on-site storage racks for your convenience. Additionally, Bombora is guarded by security every night, ensuring peace of mind.

Surfboard racks at Bombora Medewi

We rented surfboards from the shop adjacent to Bombora and the staff there were very helpful. The cost for the boards was 100,000 IDR per day and they also offered private lessons for 400,000 IDR.

Did Kelly Slater Stay At The Bombora Resort?

Yes, in September 2020, Kelly Slater visited Medewi to shred the waves with the locals. He spent his time in the Bombora Residence and lived like the king he is!

Kelly Slater's signed surfboard hanging in the reception of Bombora Medewi

A signed surfboard hangs above the reception desk, expressing gratitude to the staff for providing an exceptional experience.

Other Accommodation In Medewi

While we wholeheartedly recommend booking Bombora for your accommodation in Medewi, here are some other popular options that we were tossing up before booking Bombora.

Other places that we recommend staying in Medewi:

Final Thoughts

Our time in Medewi was like paradise. The surf was consistently amazing and the relaxed atmosphere was exactly what we wanted in Bali. Choosing Bombora Wave Lodge as our home base made our stay in this beautiful area even more enjoyable.

Honestly, we can’t recommend this beautiful resort enough – especially if you can find an awesome discount like we did.

We hope this review has helped you decide whether Bombora Medewi is the best choice for you. If you have any questions about Bombora, or Medewi in general, please feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments below or send us a DM on Instagram.

Happy travels 🙂