The World’s Best Mountain Bike Movies To Boost Your Stoke

The uncontrollable stoke. The rapidly growing addiction. The unconditional love.

Yeah, we know the feeling…

Of craving the high that only mountain biking can bring, the burning desire to rip into those tracks. But as much as we would love to, it’s unrealistic to think we can live on our bikes, charging down epic trails every minute of the day.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, the weather is horrendous, or you just need some motivation to progress your skills, tucking into some awesome mountain bike movies is just the medicine.

Thanks to Redbull TV, we’ve put together a whole list of insane mountain bike films you can watch for FREE! So whatever the reason, keep the stoke levels bubbling with these tasty treats…

Slicing ever so tightly past the tight trees in Tuggeranong Pines mtb Park in Canberra

The Worlds Best Mountain Bike Movies

North Of Nightfall

North of Nightfall isn’t your standard run of the mill MTB Movie. Moving mountain biking far away from the crowded tree lines and bike parks we are all so used to seeing.

Darren Berrecloth and his mates set off on a mighty adventure to the Arctic Circle, embarking on unknown lands to ride lines no one has ever even dreamed of.

Throughout their expedition, they hit road blocks and struggles but eventually stumbled upon the island of Axel Heiberg. An island in which the frozen terrain has never been touched by mountain bikes before. Where the challenging environment and 24 hour daylight push the limits of their skills as professional mountain bikers.

If you are after an epic adventure and not just mountain biking, North of Nightfall is a MTB movie masterpiece.

Watch the Full Movie Here

Riding the Tatshenshini

Riding the Tatshenshini is another of Darren Berrecloth’s famous mountain biking adventure films. Setting off on a monstrous journey to find virgin lines near the Tatshenshini River.

This Documentary not only showcases the big-mountain riding we all love to watch, but the entire journey which includes rafting over 260km down the Tatshenshini River to access the mountain biking lines they’re searching for.

Epic mountain biking by day – Camping and battling the rugged wilderness by night… What’s not to love?!

Watch the Full Movie Here

Kilimanjaro – Mountain Of Greatness

No, this isn’t another classic Danny Macaskill trick fest. This is the story of mountain biking legends attempting to conquer one of the worlds most well known peaks… Mount Kilimanjaro.

Standing at a massive 5,895m elevation, the hardest part of this mission isn’t navigating the insanely rocky volcanic terrain. It’s the incredibly low air pressure and extreme climbing that prove to be the difficult part of this endeavour.

Danny falls victim rather quickly to the altitude, but with the will power, support from his mates, and an overnighter in the hospital, the entire crew have another crack at taming this beast.

Kilimanjaro – Mountain of Greatness is one of the best inspirational mountain bike movies I’ve watched and it’s mountain biking legends like these that make me want to strive for more!

Watch the Full Movie Here


Speaking of inspiration, Motive is a mountain biking film that takes a deep look into exactly what inspires and motivates professionals of the wondrous sport of mountain biking.

Throughout the film, various riders are queried on the what and why of mountain biking and how it has affected their lives. Mixed, of course, with some insanely sleek mountain bike skills as these professionals rip the trails.

Motive is a great MTB film for those wondering how people can maintain the focus. The Drive. The passion that is mountain biking on a day in day out basis.

Watch the Full Movie Here

Fabio Wibmer – Fabiolous Escape 2

If you haven’t heard of the Youtube sensation Fabio Wibmer, you’d better clear your schedule because your eyes will be glued to his channel for the next week. Sharing many of the same traits as Danny Macaskill, Fabio’s mountain bike films show epic stunts stretching through all disciplines of mountain biking.

Fabiolous Escape 2 is a short mountain bike movie that packs as many awesome stunts as possible into the 10-minute cracker. Mixing mountain biking with a touch of comedy, Fabio shreds the slopes of Saalbach Hinterglemm…

And no, he didn’t wait until summer! This entire short film encompasses Fabio hooting down the snow-covered groomers gapping buildings, jumping from helicopters and nailing a double backflip… I mean who wouldn’t like this!?

One thing I love about Fabio’s short mountain bike movies is that he shares all of his stacks and bloopers from filming. If that doesn’t prove he is down to earth, I don’t know what will.

Fabio has many awesome MTB videos and they can all be found on his YouTube channel. But my absolute favourite is Fabios Fabiolous escape 2.

Raw 100

Raw 100 is the benchmark of short mountain biking films. This is a series designed to be different, and difference was achieved. In the eyes of Raw 100, sometimes simplicity is best.

The rules are simple: No music, no slow-motion, just 100 seconds of raw brilliance. Following these rules, incredible filmmakers are pushed to the limit of their creativity and are forced to think outside the box.

Raw 100 have many short MTB clips, featuring many different filmmakers and professional riders. But none stand out more than Brandon Semenuk. Recently titled the worlds most stylish mountain biker, he has almost made another name for himself in theses mesmerising mountain bike movies.

Return To Earth

Set in mountain biking paradise from the thick jungles of Hawaii to the hard-packed dirt of the bike park, Return to Earth is a cinematic masterpiece.

You’ll find yourself lost in the beauty of mountain biking as Return to Earth visits some of the best destinations around the globe. And that’s just it, the idea – or lack thereof – behind this film is just a super cool mash-up of mountain biking at its finest.

Return to Earth is the perfect mountain bike movie for those looking to become lost in the trance of riding without having to follow a storyline.


Are you looking for inspiration? Well, you’ve found it. Vision is a story about Veronique Sandler – a former world cup racer – and how, through hard work and perseverance, she managed to make her dream come true.

This inspiring tale is all about Veronique’s ‘vision’ for the future of the sport and how, as a collective, we need to beat the status quo. This inspiring mountain bike movie is actioned packed with scenes of riding from freeride to the urban streets and much more.

If you’re in need of inspiration or a push to go after your dreams, Vision is the perfect MTB film to put you on your way.

Unfortunately you have to pay for this particular mountain bike movie… sorry folks. I wasn’t able to find a free version on the internet.

The Moment

This is the story of the moment in history when several groups of rad folk changed the mountain biking scene forever.

Exploring the origins of freeride, Moment takes us back in time to the pioneers of our beloved sport. It shows the path in which these adventure-seeking maniacs took to test the limits of what mountain biking once was. And it’s these maniacs we need to thank for the direction we now find ourselves facing.

It truly is an amazing film and the features these blokes hit on old school bikes are insane… Hence the maniac reference.

Watch the Full Movie Here


Something a little different than the typical backflip and incredible navigation of the trails. Builder captures the art of how the best trail builders and riders sculpt the earth to form what many of us take for granted.

This mountain bike movie shares the underrecognized story of trail building, and how the sports top professionals groom singletrack in hopes of producing the perfect lines.

Watch the Full Movie Here

Rad Company

The master of style and one of mountain biking’s greatest riders handpicked a skilled crew to craft one of the best mountain bike movies out there.

Brandon Semenuk and the team get straight to business in capturing the epitome of freeriding in his home town of British Columbia. With a massive variety of both man-made and natural trails, the lines are big and the features are even bigger.

An all-round epic action blockbuster. Each scene is as intense as the last, you won’t be able to keep your eyes off the screen.

Watch the Full Movie Here

Follow The Fraser

Experience raw and untamed big mountain riding as British Columbia locals – Kyle Norbraten, James Doerfling and Tom van Steenbergen – take you on an adventure of a lifetime as they follow the Fraser River to the Sibola mountain range.

Searching for mountains that have yet to be put to the mountain biking test, these Canadian boys show guts and perseverance as they tackle the wild terrain. Bringing home some truly epic lines throughout the course of a month-long adventure.

This mountain bike film is another perfect example of riders pushing the limits of not only mountain biking, but adventure itself.


We are all under the impression that these insane professional riders we see pushing the ultimate limits have no fear.

But this mountain bike movie brings these gods back down to earth, exploiting them as what they truly are… humans. These eight elite riders have harnessed their fear and are willing to spill their secrets to us mere mortals.

Watch the Full Movie Here


A Teton Gravity Reasearch and Anthill Films production geared towards the weekend warriors. The ones that search for adventure and an escape from the mundane world of 9 to 5.

This is the mid week movie to hype you up for a weekend full of mountains, two wheels and a whole lot of stoke. Unreal is a fast and inspiring mountain bike film to remind us to never grow up and never stop exploring.

Tassie Grown

A mountain bike film that isn’t showcasing the Northern Hemisphere or New Zealand?!?

Yep, you’re reading right!

Tasmania is the place to watch out for right now, with mountain bike trails popping up faster than McDonald’s… It’s well on its way to becoming Australia’s mountain biking mecca.

Ten local Tasmanian’s show us how it’s done down in Tasmania as they carve it up through epic scenery and the forever changing terrain around Launceston, Hobart and Derby.

Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

Here is a short seven and a half minute mountain bike film for you to feast on when you haven’t much time to fuel the addiction!

Danny MacAskill takes on the mother of all rock gardens as he paves his own line through the jaw-dropping landscape of the Cuillin Ridge in the Isle of Skye.

With beautiful filming backing Danny’s incredible mountain biking, you’ll be booking the next flight to Scottland to experience it for yourself.


Not2Bad will have you wishing you could live the lives of Brandon Semenuk, Casey Brown, Brett Rheeder, Andrew Shandro and co as you watch them rip it up in the Spanish Countryside…

And not only on bikes, though they do, of course, ride anything possible – from epic ridgelines to massive jumps and dilapidated buildings. With the cameras rolling throughout the course of a month, watch what these ratbags get up to on and off the bike.

Watch the Full Movie Here


Chuck a few epic mountain bike riders on a project together and film the best trails in the world with the most incredible scenery…

The result? Perfection.

These elite riders show why they’re the elite as they conquer an eclectic range of trails in their own mesmerising style. Think big, think unique and think inspirational as you sink your teeth into this world-class mountain bike movie.

Unfortunately you have to pay for this particular mountain bike movie… sorry folks. I wasn’t able to find a free version on the internet.

Ride Your F#%king Bike!

A bunch of crazy mountain bikers come together in memory of their late friend Stevie Smith to live it up and celebrate the world of mountain biking the best way they know how… with no limits.

Expect to see many party trains and a few bare arses as these mental riders run loose for 3 weeks in America and Canada searching for fun and epic trails wherever they can.

Tea & Biscuits

This mountain bike film may not have a pleasing cinematic style to it, but it does have rough and raw riding through some of Britain’s best trails.

And of course, mud!

Tea & Biscuits relates more to the everyday rider with no bells and whistles, just hands down epic riding from some of the best British riders out there. This is the best MTB film to get you pumped for a ride at your local trails.

Ok, maybe I have a little too much time on my hands or maybe I’m just a little obsessed with watching mountain bike movies… Either way, hopefully, you’ve found some more inspiration to get out there and ride your bike. I know I have!