34 Sustainable Gift Ideas For Outdoor Lovers

The holidays are my favourite time of year, when you get together with family and loved ones to shower them with love and gifts given from the heart. But it can also be stressful when you have a bunch of presents to think of and you’re running out of sustainable gift ideas for the outdoor lovers that seem to speak a different language to you! 

But don’t fret, the outdoor adventurer in your life likely has a gigantic list of things they desire to make their adventures easier or more enjoyable. And luckily, more and more outdoor brands are realising how important sustainability is for our planet, making your search for sustainable gift ideas even easier! 

Along with various options for gifts, such as experiences and alternative ideas, you’ll also find the list below organised in price ranges to help you stick to your budget. Plus, we’ll touch on sustainability and how to ensure you’re not getting ‘greenwashed’.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the ultimate guide to finding sustainable gift ideas for outdoor lovers, written by avid adventurers.

Hiking through Barron Pass towards Lake Tahune Hut

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Why Choose Sustainable Gifts?

One of the most heart-wrenching parts about the holidays is the enormous amount of waste that occurs through gift-giving. It truly dampens the spirit once you become aware of the situation. 

The environment is in dire need of our help and the holidays are perhaps the worst time for waste and overconsumption of goods. The best way to avoid adding to the issue is to buy sustainable gifts that you know your loved ones will cherish. 

And chances are, if your special person is an outdoor adventurer, they will be over the moon to receive a gift that isn’t impacting the very thing they thrive on exploring.

Cooking dinner at sunset Camping in the mountains at Kosciuszko National Park

How To Ensure The Gift Is Sustainable

The hardest part about choosing to buy sustainable gifts is actually identifying whether or not a product is in fact sustainable! There is a great deal of ‘greenwashing’ going on right now and sifting through the bullshit can be time-consuming and frustrating. 

This is why we’ve decided to write a list of the best sustainable gifts for outdoor lovers, to help you on your exhaustive journey. But just providing a list isn’t always enough, so here are a few factors to consider when you’re searching for sustainable presents as well. 

  • Shop brands with sustainable policies such as lifetime warranty and repair
  • Choose products with recycled, organic or Bluesign Approved material
  • Look for brands with the Fairtrade label to ensure they’re adhering to ethical practices
  • Buy products made locally or in the country you reside in
  • Don’t skimp on durability

Read our guide on the Best Sustainable Outdoor Brands to learn more about how to shop sustainably 

Best Sustainable Gift Ideas For Outdoor Adventurers

The Best Sustainable Gifts Ideas Under $50

1. Rumpl Stuffable Pillowcase

Rumpl Pillowcase, the perfect sustainble gift for an outdoor enthusiast

The Rumpl Stuffable Pillowcase is a luxury that all campers should indulge in, it’s the perfect alternative to a travel pillow that will save space without sacrificing comfort. Your outdoor-loving friend will be stoked on receiving a soft and eco-friendly pillow that can be stuffed as much as is personally comfortable. Not to mention, supporting a brand like Rumpl, who make all their products with 100% post-consumer recycled fabric and are B-Corp certified, will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

2. Rumpl Beer Blanket

Rumpl Beer Blanket, a stubby holder that is sustainable and perfect for outoorsy people

This is the ultimate under $10 sustainable gift for those work or friend Secret Santas. These cute little beer blankets by Rumpl are made from 100% post-consumer recycled material and even have a built-in stuff sack with a snap closure so you can hang it on your bag! 

3. Wilderness Wear Hiking Socks

Wilderness Wear Hiking Socks for warm snug feet

No matter who it is, everybody needs another good pair of socks, and this is especially true for outdoor adventurers. Wilderness Wear is an Australian brand that makes all its products on home soil and focuses on quality and ethical merino wear. Their hiking socks are super fun and quirky while offering superior breathability and comfort.

4. The North Face Dock Worker Recycled Beanie

The North Face Dock Worker Recycled Beanie

An adventurer can never have enough beanies. Nights in the wilderness can be cold, even in summer, so we never go anywhere without at least one beanie. The North Face Dock Worker Recycled beanie is eco-friendly, cheap and a basic fit that will suit a great range of heads. 

5. The North Face Recycled 66 Classic Hat

The North Face Classic 66 Recycled Hat

Similar to a beanie, an outdoorsy person goes nowhere without a hat. It’s a staple item that is super handy to have more than one of so you can stash them in various places and never be without. The North Face Recycled 66 Classic Hat is sustainable, comes in a range of stylish colours, and has a classic all-round fit. 

6. Light My Fire Bio Spork 2 Pack

Light My Fire Spork Set for camping in the mountains

A handy little all-in-one fork is the perfect stocking stuffer, especially when they’re made of biobased plastics! These bio sporks are super lightweight and equipped with a tiny serrated edge to assist in cutting up a cooked meal. I own a similar lightweight spork and can attest to its durability. 

7. Sea To Summit X-Bowl and Mug

Sea To Summit X Bowl, a collapsable bowl for backpacking trips
Sea To Summit X Mug, a collapsable mug for backpacking trips

Whether adventure means car camping or heading into the wilderness for a few nights, collapsable bowls and mugs are a massive win to free up space. The Sea To Summit X-Bowl and X-Mug are high on our wishlist and most likely your loved one’s too! Especially because they’re made from silicone which is super durable and so much better than plastic!

8. Nalgene Wide Mouth Tritan Water Bottle

Recycled Nalgene Water Bottle for sustainable outdoor adventures

Having a trustworthy water bottle is essential for outdoor lovers and none are better than Nalgene. While the water bottle isn’t made from recycled material, it is made from BPA/BPS-free durable Tritan plastic. The durability of these bottles is insane, I’ve had the same bottle for 10 years and have intensely tested it!

9. Bob Brown Foundation x Takayna Brew Cork Keep Cup

Bob Brown Foundation supporting Keep Cup for sustainable people

Every adventurer needs a reusable coffee or tea cup, and Keep Cup is a reputable brand that is even part of 1% For The Planet. And this particular Keep Cup donates 30% of profits to Bob Brown’s Save The Tarkine Foundation – a cause close to our hearts as the Tarkine is a magical forest in northwest Tasmania.

The Best Sustainable Gift Ideas Under $150

10. Frank Green Reusable Silicone Bags

Frank Green Re-usable Silicon Bags for keeping food health with using plastic

Avoiding plastic is almost impossible when you’re trying to meal plan for your adventure of camping in the mountains. The best alternative is to purchase the Frank Green reusable silicone bags for snacks and dehydrated dinners, but these don’t come cheap. This is why they make the perfect gift for outdoorsy people as we’re always in need of more!

11. Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket

Rumpl Blanket, A great cheap gift for a lover of the outdoors

I just stumbled across this genius product and have added it to the top of my wishlist! A Rumpl blanket is the ultimate addition for comfort on cold sunrise hikes or campfire nights. And to make matters even better, Rumpl is a B-Corp certified brand that makes all their blankets with 100% post-consumer materials. 

12. Thermoball Traction V Mules Camp Slippers

The North Face Thermoball Down Slippers, a perfect sustainable gift for outdoor enthusiasts

You’ll be the best gift-giver if you choose to indulge your winter adventuring friend in a pair of eco-friendly down camp slippers. Made from recycled fabrics and eco-synthetic down, The North Face Thermoball Traction V Mules will keep toes cosy while doing less harm to our earth. With a fleece inner lining and less than 500g of weight in total, they’re the perfect gift for cold expeditions or minimalist nomads. 

13. Lifestraw Universal Bottle Adapter

Sustainable Life Straw for re-usable straw in drinks

Help your friend fight the war on plastic with a Lifestraw Universal Bottle Adapter. These bad boys can be taken anywhere and all you do is plonk them in your favourite water bottle and start drinking! The straw will filter out any bad stuff so your adventure-loving friend can fill their bottles from any stream or river and sip away with no stress. These Lifestraws are compatible with the Nalgene bottle we suggested above.

14. The North Face Etip Recycled Gloves

The North Face Etip Recycled Gloves

A pair of good gloves, even for summer expeditions in the alpine, is paramount for comfort. It takes having a pair to realise just how much you needed them! Which is why The North Face Etip Recycled Gloves are the perfect sustainable gift idea. The gloves are made from comfy recycled polyester fleece that allows for 5-finger touchscreen capabilities, plus a silicon grip on the palm so you don’t drop your phone when you’re snapping epic photos! 

15. The North Face Men’s TKA Glacier Fleece

The North Face TKA Glacier Fleece jumper

With a wide range of colours and a super lightweight design, The North Face Men’s TKA Glacier Fleece is the perfect gift for any guy looking for a little extra warmth on cool nights hiking. The pullover fleece is made from 100% recycled fleece and weighs only 215g. 

16. Patagonia Arbor Lid Pack

Patagonia Arbor Lid Day Pack for hiking

Anytime you search for the best sustainable outdoor brands, Patagonia will be at the top of the list. They’re the pioneers of sustainability in outdoor brands and have truly high-quality gear to boot. Not to mention, super stylish backpacks like the Arbor Lid Pack. This backpack is perfect for an everyday pack or a carry-on bag for travel. There are plenty of pockets to organise your items, including a padded laptop sleeve in the back. 

17. Patagonia Torrentshell Rain Pants

Patagonia Torrentshell Rain Pants for hiking in bad weather

Rain pants are one of those things we adventurers never want to spend money on, but once we have them we can’t imagine how we lived without a pair! We own the Patagonia Torrentshell Rain Pants and they have saved us many times, including a trek in deep snow to the Scott-Kilvert Hut

18. JeltX Adjustable Belt

Jelt Belt, elastic belt for everyday use

Finding a pair of pants that fit perfectly is a mission, which is why an elastic belt can come in very handy. The JeltX Adjustable belt is made from recycled fabrics and offers excellent comfort with a pack. Dylan wears his belt on all our hikes and loves it. Jelt is a US company but they ship to Australia for an affordable price.

The Best Sustainable Gift Ideas Under $300

19. XTM Tarkine Rain Jacket

XTM Tarkine Rain Jacket, supporting the Tarkine Rainforest in Tasmania

Everybody needs a good rain jacket, so why not grab one that donates all the profits to the Save The Tarkine Foundation? Dylan wears the XTM Tarkine 2.5-layer Rain Jacket and raves about it. This jacket has kept him dry in snowy conditions in Cradle Mountain while also showing great breathability qualities on our rainy summer trip to Frenchmans Cap

20. The North Face Women’s Cragmont Fleece Jumper

The North Face Cragmont Fleece jumper

Having a cosy fleece to throw on after a big day of adventuring is like receiving the biggest bear hug. The North Face Women’s Cragmont Fleece ¼ Snap is a stylish pullover made from 100% recycled fleece, has reinforced elbows for increased durability and comes in a range of colours. 

21. Macpac Halo Down Jacket

Macpac Halo Down Jacket, A jacket made from 100% recycled materials and responsibly sourced down

A down jacket is a staple wardrobe item that, unfortunately, isn’t often completely sustainable. But the Macpac Halo Down Jacket is now made with 100% recycled nylon as well as responsibly sourced down. This jacket is super puffy, comfortable and warm. I know a few people who own this jacket and they absolutely love it, highly rating its durability year after year. 

22. XTM 230 Base Layer Set

XTM Merino Base Layer Bottoms
XTM Merino Base Layer Long Sleeve Top

Having a pair of good base layers for camping makes a world of difference. Our favourite pair for comfort and warmth are the XTM 230 Merino top and bottoms. XTM Performance is an Australian brand that is at the forefront of sustainability, becoming carbon neutral back in 2008 and is on its way to becoming B-Corp certified. 

The Ultimate Sustainable Gift Ideas

23. Marmot Sawtooth Sleeping Bag

Marmot Sawtooth sleeping bag

To put it frankly, a high-quality sleeping bag is not cheap and something we adventurers often dream of having one day. This is why they are an ultimate sustainable gift idea that your loved one will be over the moon about. The Marmot Sawtooth Sleeping Bag has a high loft for extra comfort and will keep you warm in temperatures down to -3℃. The design is super fun and the lining and shell are made from recycled fabric.

24. NEMO Quasar 3D Insulated Sleeping Mat

24. NEMO Quasar 3D Insulated Sleeping Mat

A comfortable sleeping mat is a necessity for staying sane in the outdoors. NEMO has begun the journey of making sleeping mats with recycled fabric and they’ve done a fantastic job. The NEMO Quasar 3D Insulated Sleeping Mat is suitable for 3 season camping and comes with all the bells and whistles to ensure a snore-worthy sleep. 

25. NEMO Dagger OSMO 2 Person Tent

25. NEMO Dagger OSMO 2 Person Tent, A great big present for outdoor lovers

Get your loved one out there camping in the wilderness with confidence with the NEMO Dagger OSMO 2-Person Tent. This 3 season tent is made with recycled materials, it’s easy to set up and lightweight enough for one person to carry yet spacious enough to fit two. 

26. Osprey Aura/Atmos Backpack

Osprey Aura Backpacking pack for overnight hiking adventures

Osprey is one of the top brands for technical backpacks and is hitting some pretty epic sustainability goals. The well-loved Osprey Aura and Atmos range are now made with 100% recycled fabrics and will last your special someone a very long time. Not to mention, if they do happen to have any issues with it, Osprey will repair the backpack free of charge throughout its entire lifetime. 

27. The North Face Dryzzle FUTURELIGHT Rain Jacket

The North Face Dryzzle Futurelight Rain Jacket

The North Face Dryzzle Futurelight Rain Jacket is the ultimate rain jacket that your adventurous loved one will be forever thankful for. This 3 layer jacket is made from recycled fabrics and offers superior breathability and waterproof abilities. 

The Best Sustainable Experiences For Outdoor Lovers

28. Get Your Guide Eco-Certified Tours

Get Your Guide provides tours worldwide and issues an eco-certified stamp on those that support sustainable practices. This certificate is given by a third-party agency to ensure no bias happens. With so many options and various price ranges, these tours are the perfect gift for a close loved one who may be a little nervous about adventuring on their own. 

29. Red Balloon Responsible Range

Red Balloon is a great platform to buy the ultimate experience for your adventure-loving friend. What’s more, they have a responsible range that ensures that the products you choose are either eco-friendly, carbon neutral, use sustainable materials or promote sustainable living.

Alternative Gift Ideas 

30. Make Something Meaningful

We believe that making a gift that comes from the heart is better than any other present. Not to mention, it’s super sustainable. The options are endless when it comes to creating something for your loved one but here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Make an album out of an old scrapbook of their adventures
  • A hamper of nutritional and tasty food for their next expedition
  • Make a pot out of recycled material for a plant 

31. Plan An Adventure With Your Loved One

Hiking to the summit of Frenchmans Cap, Tasmania's best hike, during a cloud inversion

Memories will always last longer than things and chances are your adventurous friend would absolutely love to share their passion with you. You can either plan a bucket list adventure with them or carve out time for an expedition planned together.

32. Make A Donation On Their Behalf

Is your outdoor-loving friend one of those people that you can’t buy something for because they already have everything they need? Well, if they’re passionate about making a difference in the world, you could make a donation to a cause close to their heart on their behalf. 

33. Pay For A Membership

There’s a strong chance that your outdoorsy friend also loves to stay fit or indulge in some downtime. Paying for a membership for an activity that they love doing when they’re home is a great sustainable option to avoid buying stuff they don’t need. The list is seriously endless for memberships and subscriptions, but here are a few suggestions to get the ideas rolling.

  • Alltrails subscription
  • Gym membership
  • Netflix subscription
  • Yoga or pilates membership
  • Rock Climbing gym membership
  • Audible subscription
  • Spotify subscription
  • Online Adventure magazine subscription

34. Give A Gift Card To Their Favourite Store

Although gift cards can come across as a little less thoughtful, they do eliminate the risk of waste from buying a gift that your special someone doesn’t want or need. Our favourite store to buy our outdoor gear from is Wildfire Sports, which offers gift vouchers for a range of budgets. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve found some great sustainable gift ideas for the outdoor lovers in your life but there’s just one more thing to remember before you go. No matter if something is sustainably made, if it’s not needed then it is a waste of resources. Before buying anything for your loved ones this year, make sure they actually need it. Waste is one of the biggest problems on earth right now and thinking a little deeper about what gifts to buy this year will make a world of difference.

Moody Sunset overlooking Strahan and the West Coast of Tasmania from the peak of Mount Tyndall

Have you got some more sustainable gift ideas that aren’t on this list? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

Happy Gift Giving!