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Tracks Less Travelled is a place of exploration, a place of inspiration to enter into a world of unknown.

We bring to you our happenings, our findings, and our experience to encourage you to get out there and take on that adventure.

Tracks Less Travelled is a platform of resourceful hiking guides, gear reviews, and photography tips. A place to find thoughtful information on the adventures available to you. We, Candace and Dylan, are the sole authors of Tracks Less Travelled and every article is based on our personal experiences.

Take that leap, explore the adventure that has been gnawing at the corners of your mind. It all begins with an affirmation.

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Tasmania's Greatest Hikes

Tasmania is one of the most underrated travel destinations in Australia. Having called this rugged island state our home for over 3 years, we have ventured through its dramatic landscape, embarking on countless hikes. And below is our selection of the top 4 awe-inspiring trails Tasmania has to offer.

New Zealand's Greatest Hikes

No matter which trail you choose, New Zealand will leave you speechless with its incomprehensible beauty. After 5 months of road-tripping this majestic country, here are our absolute favourite hikes.

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Watching sunrise from Roys Peak in Wanaka
Beautiful sunset from Mt Olliver overlooking Mt Cook
Gertrude Saddle Selfie

Who Is Tracks Less Travelled?

We are Candace and Dylan, a couple with a flair for adventure and an inability to take life too seriously.

Our passion for helping others and our desire to travel led us to create Tracks Less Travelled - a platform where we can share helpful guides and advice, and showcase our love of writing and photography.

Our mission is to provide the knowledge and confidence to help you explore the world one adventure at a time.

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